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Catio Cats

L to R: Sawyer, Kizmet, Cooper Murphy


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Sunday Selfies: Week #371

Bejeweled SelfieI sure hope y’all aren’t tired of seeing me. I am the only member of the Kitties Blue who enjoys posing. And, if I do say so myself, I am one adorable cat! And I love how Mom fancied me up with this bejeweled frame.

We do have another photo to share with you today, however.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

This is four of us enjoying some time on the catio. I am on the perch on the left, Cooper Murphy on the railing, Astrid is on the table, and Sawyer on the deck.



Hopping Time

I want everyone to get to their easy Sunday as quickly as possible, so I am not going to mess around with a lot of jibber jabber. You can link up below, and you all know the drill. You don’t have to post today, and the hop remains open through Thursday. So please join me. You don’t want me to be lonely…right? Oops, Mom just reminded me to say, “thank you,” for hopping, but if you aren’t hopping and just visiting, “thank you as well!” All of us are super appreciative.

Purrs and paw-pats, Kizmet

p.s. I asked Mom to make you another puzzle. Hope you enjoy it.

preview90pieceKizmet’s Bejeweled Sunday Selfie


Caturday Art



Today’s art features Sawyer and Astrid on the catio. To artify them I used the Broken Reality effect from the Painnt app. I bumped up the saturation a bit and also changed the hue. Then I added the graphic on the right edge with piZap.

The original photo, which was taken by Dad Tom, was already rather arty due to the lighting.



In this version, it also is evident which cat is Sawyer and which is Astrid.

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and one like we have never before experienced. Your humans will not be attending Easter services or spending time with their extended family. As the family furries you will be called upon to provide entertainment and comfort to your humans. So, we are suggesting that you get the selfie taking over with and post early. If you’d like to decorate your photo for Easter that would be super cool but, of course, not necessary.

Looking forward to seeing all your adorable faces tomorrow.



Doozy of a Snoozy

All cats are good nappers. We see it everyday. We know it. When I ran across this old photo a few days ago, I knew I had to share it and compare it to a more recent one.


MacKenzie nap


This is not Cooper Murphy but MacKenzie, our former ginger tabby. That bed in front of the window was his favorite place to snooze. If awake, he could spy on the dogs and kitties that lived next door at the time. Mac got his wings in 2011. He had inoperable stomach cancer.

Fast forward to 2017 to another ginger tabby, who also enjoys a good nap.


Cooper Murphy nap


Cooper Murphy is not too particular about where he naps, just as long as it is somewhere on the catio during the day. At night he usually passes out on one of the ham-micks. Tonight he happens to be sprawled on his back on our bed—asleep and snoring!

Though MacKenzie enjoyed many of the things Cooper does, we did not have a catio when he was alive. Like Lily Olivia, Mauricio and Misty May, he was allowed outside during daylight hours. However, he was a momma’s boy through and through and never was too far from my side. If I worked in the garden, he was right there to help. If I was cooking, he was “tied to my apron strings.” He spent his last six months snuggled next to me in the recliner as I recuperated after breaking my leg.

On the other paw, Cooper mostly is a solitary guy, who does his own thing. I suspect that this difference comes from the fact that MacKenzie bonded with us when he was a kitten, and Cooper Murphy did not join the family until he was about 15 months old.

Cat guardians know that all cats are good nappers, but that each has his own unique purrsonality. In my opinion, that is what makes every kitty special!

Purrfect Pouch Giveaway Winners

We are delighted to announce that the winners of the Purrfect Pouch are our friends Marty and Ralphie from Marty the Manx. This really is a terrific product, and the kitties and I wish we had an entire pile of them to giveaway. If you didn’t win, but would like a Purrfect Pouch, you can purchase a set of two (in aqua or black) for $29.95 from their website.

Screen Shot 2016-09-18 at 11.12.00 PM



Wordless Wednesday


Another close encounter of the squirrel kind.


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