Tuesday News Day


Tuesday News Day


Pam's birthday


Today our dear friend and the Two Spoiled Cats’ (Angel Sammy and Teddy) mom, Pam, is celebrating her birthday. We couldn’t let such a special day pass without sending our best wishes, love and hugs. To send a birthday message to Pam, click here.

Of course, we couldn’t celebrate a birthday without a gift: a flowery Teddy cat.


birthday kitty flowers


And Mau set to work in his Cat Scout Bake Shop. We know Pam enjoys a yummy fruit tart, so Mau combined fruit with a birthday cake. We bet if you ask nicely, Pam will share a slice.


birthday cake


With love and best wishes dearest friend,

Janet and Kitties Blue

Madi’s Blog Hop

Madi(son) D. Cat (Down Home in N.C.) received her angel wings on September 13 and traveled to the Rainbow bridge. To honor and remember her, her boyfriend, Raz (Friends Furever), has organized a special tribute blog hop for Madi. It will be held tomorrow, September 26. If you’d like to participate, create a post remembering Madi. Make certain to include her favorite color, red, and try to make your fellow bloggers and Madi’s family and friends smile. You can write a poem or haiku, take a photo of yourself doing a bit of boxing (Mau covered that today) and hop aboard the Come Laugh with Us Blog Hop! Don’t forget to visit Raz for more information.

The Blog Hop is set up here if you would like to pre-post. Please include the graphic when you post.



Caturday Art Winner

When I posted our Caturday Art, I announced a contest. The first person to guess the number of Kitties Blue in the art and name them correctly would win a surprise prize for themselves and their cat(s). Of those who guessed…no one guessed correctly. I was going to select  a winner (using Random.org) from all those who listed the correct number of kitties, but then I decided whoever got the correct number, which was six, and correctly identified the most kitties would get the prize. Only one commenter guessed six and correctly identified five.

Here’s the original photo cropped down.


Contest photo

Kitties Blue clockwise from center: Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Misty May, Lisbeth, Mau and Calista Jo.

And the winner is…


Marv is winner


Marv correctly identified Sawyer, Cooper Murphy, Lisbeth, Mau, and Calista Jo. He also guessed Astrid, but the sixth cat was Misty May. Congratulations Marv! The runner-up only identified three of the Kitties Blue.

Caturday Art Puzzle

One of those who commented on Caturday suggested I turn the art into a jigsaw puzzle, which I have done. It is 300 pieces, but if that is too much for you, you can customize by clicking on the “Play As” option on the upper right. It took me an hour and 33 minutes spread out among three or four sessions. I usually can do a 300-piece puzzle in 70 to 100 minutes. So it is difficult. Hope you have fun with it.

preview300 pieceIvyscrollflowers-001

Kitties Blue are going the Happy Tuesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. To join, click on their badge.



Recommendation for The Cat on My Head

Best for the Kids I was delightfully surprised when I was contacted by the Best for The Kids web-site representative and asked if they could include our blog on their list of the 16 best cat blogs for kids. The Kitties Blue and I have always considered The Cat on My Head a family-friendly blog, with the occasional PG rating when Mauricio talks about being bitten on his bum. Regardless we are honored to be selected for this list.

This is from the Best for the Kids site:

An overwhelming majority of kids absolutely ADORE pets. A large portion of those kids love nothing more than a cute, fluffy cat. Here at BestForTheKids, we cover the importance of pets in the life of kids and how pets help kids become compassionate human beings.

It took us more than 3 weeks to come up with this list of carefully vetted cat blogs that had to go through several filters before being considered useful for parents who’d like to know about cats mainly because their kids love them.

The Best for the Kids mission really appeals to me, and Kitties Blue and I thank them for thinking our blog worthy of their list. You’ll find several other blogs, with which you are familiar, on their list as well. Click on the link above to find the complete list.

Now for the Nipheads

Kitties Blue favorite person was here yesterday—Chris. She’ll be here in just a couple of days to care for them while Dad Tom and I are at the BlogPaws Conference. She was here yesterday to clean. And she never comes empty handed. Chris always brings treats or catnip. The minute the gang realizes she’s here, they begin circling like starving sharks. Yesterday the offering was nip. Chris covers the foyer rug, and the gang goes crazy…rolling, sniffing and nomming nip! They always have a few hours to get their fill before Chris vacuums it up.


When nip is involved, Astrid and Lisbeth actually get along. At one point they were even touching.

If you think this looks like the gang is being spoiled, it is just a prelude to what they can expect while Dad Tom and I are away. They’ll even get their catio time, but no outside for Lily Olivia, Misty May or Mauricio. Of course, Mau is already on house arrest. He’s not happy about it and continues to complain, but he’s healing. That is what’s important.

Wishing you all a day filled with nip dreams. Hope to see you right back here tomorrow.



Cats on the Job Winner

We are delighted to announce the winner of our most recent giveaway for a copy of Cats on the Job by Lisa Rogak. The winner is: Lorraine and her kitty, Frankie. Lorraine’s blog is: lorraine’s resources and rewards. This really is a wonderful book. We highly recommend everyone purchase it. Cats on the Job would make an excellent gift for yourself or a friend.

How Astrid Did Her Sunday Selfie

olympus-air 2-001 this and thatSeveral of you commented on our Sunday Selfies post that you’d like to have the gadget Astrid used to take her selfie photo. What she referred to as a lens is actually a mini camera. The Olympus Air AO1 is operated through Wi-Fi from a smartphone to which the camera can be clipped. It is not necessary, however, to clip it to the phone to use it. It was not attached when Astrid took her photo.

These are it’s attributes:

  • Equipped with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount for a large selection of available lens options (Dad Tom can use any of his Olympus Micro Four Thirds lenses that he uses on his full-size Olympus camera.)
  • Up to 1/16,000 second shutter speed at 10 frames per second
  • SLR image quality
  • Instant Connection and image sharing via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection
  • Comprehensive OA Central app with six different shooting applications
  • Integration with Amazon Cloud Drive makes it easy to upload your photos to the cloud and access them anywhere

The photo shows the Olympus Air with the smartphone attachment device and no lens. It’s about two inches in length. Dad Tom purchased it from Amazon. We must warn you that it is not an inexpensive gadget.

Nellie Has Returned

We are super excited. Our friend, Nellie, has returned to blogging. If you were a fan of The Cat From Hell blog, and have been missing its cheeky spokescat, Nellie, you now can find her at Living on the EDGE. Her mum doesn’t know she’s started a new blog so only share this with those you can trust not to rat on her. We wish Nellie much success with this new endeavor.

Our E-mail Subscriptions to Your Blogs

Since we began our blog, we have used e-mail subscriptions to the blogs we follow as our way of visiting. We mentioned in a previous post, that most of the notifications from your blogs have disappeared from our e-mail. We don’t know why and have not found a way to fix the problem. (IF ANYONE USES WORDPRESS, HAS EXPERIENCED THIS PROBLEM AND HAS A SOLUTION, PLEASE, PLEASE LET US KNOW.) We have tried resubscribing to several blogs and get a message stating we are already subscribed. Our next step will be to unsubscribe and then resubscribe. We are telling you this so that if you see an unsubscribe notice from us, you won’t think you have done anything wrong or that we don’t like you anymore. We know that when we get an unsubscribe notice, we get our feelings hurt. Paws crossed we can get this fixed.

So that’s our this and that for today, EXCEPT we wanted to tell you that we have visited the blogs of all those who entered this week’s Sunday Selfies blog hop. Purrticipation this week was a bit less than usual, but we are ecstatic that our mom got us to all your blogs! And so early in the week. Maybe we are finally getting her trained. On the other paw…not a chance. The stars must have aligned purrfectly or another strange cosmic phenomenon was involved.

We did notice that some of you who did Sunday Selfies posts did not link up to the blog hop. The hop will remain open for a few more days, so we hope you’ll join us.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo