Caturday Art Winner

When I posted our Caturday Art, I announced a contest. The first person to guess the number of Kitties Blue in the art and name them correctly would win a surprise prize for themselves and their cat(s). Of those who guessed…no one guessed correctly. I was going to select  a winner (using from all those who listed the correct number of kitties, but then I decided whoever got the correct number, which was six, and correctly identified the most kitties would get the prize. Only one commenter guessed six and correctly identified five.

Here’s the original photo cropped down.


Contest photo

Kitties Blue clockwise from center: Cooper Murphy, Sawyer, Misty May, Lisbeth, Mau and Calista Jo.

And the winner is…


Marv is winner


Marv correctly identified Sawyer, Cooper Murphy, Lisbeth, Mau, and Calista Jo. He also guessed Astrid, but the sixth cat was Misty May. Congratulations Marv! The runner-up only identified three of the Kitties Blue.

Caturday Art Puzzle

One of those who commented on Caturday suggested I turn the art into a jigsaw puzzle, which I have done. It is 300 pieces, but if that is too much for you, you can customize by clicking on the “Play As” option on the upper right. It took me an hour and 33 minutes spread out among three or four sessions. I usually can do a 300-piece puzzle in 70 to 100 minutes. So it is difficult. Hope you have fun with it.

preview300 pieceIvyscrollflowers-001

Kitties Blue are going the Happy Tuesday blog hop at Comedy Plus. To join, click on their badge.