My dear friends,

Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday with me. Each and every one of you are so special to me and my family.

I had a very nice and quiet day. The best part was getting bonita flakes atop my dinner and also for dessert. I also got a little piece of Dad’s tuna from his dinner. Oh, and I stole a Wheat Thin, just ’cause I could. I licked it some and then threw it on the floor. Good times. As I dictate this to the typist, I am curled up next to Dad while he watches The Blacklist on T.V.

Two of our wonderful friends made me birthday cards. They are both so beautiful, and I am thrilled to have received them.


Thank you and request from Lily Olivia

This card is from Toby at Doggie and Kitty Caperz. Isn’t he handsome?


Thank you and request from Lily Olivia

This card is from Pipo, Minko and Mom Ingrid at WeBeesSiameezers.

I am not that fond of my brofur Mauricio. But I am feeling generous since he made that gorgeous cake for me. So I offered to do him a favor. As reported earlier, Mau has entered the Cardwood Derby with his Cat Scout University Campus Security vehicle. He could use your votes to to get in the derby finals. The deadline for voting was extended until today at noon EST. We know some of you tried to vote and couldn’t because of an error in the link. Mom sent the correct link to those of you who asked.

For anyone who wanted to vote and couldn’t or anyone else who’d like to, here’s a reminder of what Mau’s car looks like.


Thank you and request from Lily Olivia


You can vote by going here. Several voting categories exist. Mau is listed in each category. I thank you and so does Mau.

Purrs, paw-pats and my heartfelt thanks, Lily Olivia