This is a super special Thankful Thursday. I honestly never expected to be celebrating Lily Olivia’s 17th birthday. She definitely is a miracle cat in my eyes. If you don’t know her story, you can read it here.

She also is a very spoiled cat. Being the oldest in the household, she thinks she should always get her way as well as everything she wants. When she doesn’t she is very vocal in her complaints and is a master of the stink eye. She is a calico after all. 


Lily Olivia' celebrates her 17th Birthday


As many of you know, Mauricio has his own Bake Shop at Cat Scouts. It seemed only appropriate that I ask him to bake a special cake for Lily. I think he did an amazing job.


Lily Olivia celebrate her 17th birthday.

Lily Olivia celebrates her 17th birthday.


Please join us for a piece of cake and glass of bubbly.  And don’t forget to take a party favor when you leave.

Lily Olivia celebrates her 17th  birthday


Thanks for coming by and celebrating with us. Lily Olivia appreciates your friendship.

Lily Olivia, Mommy and Daddy love you very much and wish you many more happy birthdays.