Giulietta's Caturday Art


This photo of Giulietta was taken last summer on the catio. I’m pretty certain the razzberry was her response to my interrupting her relaxing afternoon on the cat tower. There is no way that Giulietta can totally fit in the cube, which is why her head and tail are both sticking out.

I like how the art photo enhances her pink tongue and green eyes!

Giulietta's Caturday ArtTo create the art I used Picasa and piZap. The photo on the right was taken just prior to the one I used for today’s art.

We are entering Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog hop as we do each weekend.  If you’ve never entered, give it a try. I can send anyone who’d like it a long list of free photo-editing apps. Just leave me a comment.

To enter and/or see the other submissions, click on the Caturday Art badge.

Cat4-001Sunday always follows Caturday so you know what that means: Sunday Selfies Blog Hop tomorrow. Misty May will be your host and hopes you’ll join us for the fun.