Kitty Cat Chronicles


Like all the groupies who attended the Bark/MeowWorld Conference in Atlanta, our mom (aka The Traitor) was gaga about getting to spend time with celebricat Waffles (Glogirly)! Though she had met him at BlogPaws in May, she’d had no opportunity to interact. But this time, a Cocktail Party to celebrate Waffles’ debut on the can of Mike’s Harder Firebomb Apple Ale was scheduled for Friday evening.

Meow Waffles

Waffles Posing

When the appointed time arrived our mom The Traitor and Sampy’s (Kitty Cat Chronicles) mom, Emily, headed for the party. They were advised before entering to speak quietly so as not to upset the guest of honor. With the crush of people in Waffles’ hotel room, Mom expected to find that Waffles had retreated UTB. To her surprise, he was out and about greeting his admirers.

The Traitor got up close and personal and fed Waffles some kibble. And she took dozens of photos. We are only sharing a few as this is our blog after all. The Traitor says we don’t need to remind her. She claims that by allowing forcing us us to write this post, she is acknowledging our importance and ownership of this blog.

meow waffles

Waffles dives head first into The Traitor’s purse.

When The Traitor and Mom Emily met up, Mom gave her some homegrown nip for all the kitties and Astrid furs for Sampy. These had been in ziploc bags in her purse. Waffles quickly gravitated toward the lingering aroma.

meow waffles

Mom and Waffles discuss his “naughty” behavior over a can of Firebomb Apple Ale.

We guess, if it is your room and your party, kitties are allowed to do whatever they want. Mom claims to have had a talk with Waffles about his “naughty” behavior, but we think they were canoodling. She says that he seemed to listen, but she noticed forays into other purses as well.

After cocktails 16 of the partygoers braved the wind and rain for a dinner together at Maggiano’s arranged by Mom Emily. On their return to the hotel several of the ladies remained in the lobby in order to continue their visit with Emily.

meow Waffles

Connie (Tails from the Foster Kittens), Emily, The Traitor, Sue (The Island Cats) & Susan (Life with Dogs and Cats)

The Traitor did not confine herself to hobnobbing with Waffles. She also betrayed us with two foster kittens, Stoli & Sangria, from Random Felines. So not only did she come home smelling of Waffles and Huck, she was covered with kitten essence as well. How rude and inconsiderate can one person be?

Stole playing on the iPad.

Stoli playing on the iPad.

waffles meow

The Traitor snuggling Sangria. Pffft!




She’s not sharing info about the conference as she says most of it was pretty boring. According to her the best part was spending time with human and furry friends.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


The handsome Cat Scout Sampson from Kitty Cat Chronicles and Astrid are officially a couple.

It all began in February with my Match.Cat post when I asked if any male kitties were interested in taking any of my girls to Madi’s Queen of Hearts Dance.

This is what Astrid had to say about herself at the time: “I am the really shy girl among us. I wouldn’t be pawticipating if Mom wasn’t pushing me. Even though I am two and a half years old, I am a very tiny, tortie girl. I keep to myself most of the time and don’t really socialize with my housemates as they like to bully me and make me cry. If I do go to the ball, my date needs to be with a sensitive and quiet, young man-cat.”

In reply, we received this comment from Sampson’s mom, Emily: “What beautiful ladies! I am sure they will find dates! If they don’t, I have one young bachelor kitty who I think would be perfect for Astrid. He doesn’t know much about this Queen of Heart’s Ball, but I’m sure he would be interested if I mentioned it to him…”

Astrid&SampsonVDayAstrid then received an e-mail from Sampson and accepted his invitation to attend the Dance. This is the photo from their date. I thought they made an adorable couple.





They continued to communicate through e-mail after the dance, and Sampson invited Astrid to attend Allie’s St. Patrick’s Day Party at Cat Scouts. She, of course, agreed.

I posted about them a few days later when we participated in Madi’s Spring Fling. You can read about that and see a very handsome photo of Sampson in his Cat Scout uniform by clicking here.

Next came the Quest at Cat Scouts and Sampson’s birthday. Astrid wanted Sampson to do well on the Quest and asked if we could send the traveling Captain America shirt to him to wear under his uniform. She rubbed her furs against the inside of the shirt for luck, and it must have worked. He won one of the challenges.

sampsonbdaySampson’s birthday took place on the last day of the Quest. Astrid made this card for him.

With Mom Emily and me cheering from the sidelines, they continued to comunicate via e-mail. And then Sampson popped the question and asked Astrid to be his girlfriend. She didn’t hesitate in saying, “yes.” Mom Emily made the three photos for them. Knowing how much Astrid loves flowers, Sampson presented her with three beautiful, spring bouquets when he made his request.




Astrid is such a shy little girl. Having the friendship of Sampson really has been helping to bring her out of her shell. Having him as her boyfriend is sure to boost her confidence even more. I couldn’t be more delighted for both of them. And Mom Emily feels the same. To see Sampson’s post about this, please click here.