Caturday Art Blog Hop


Caturday Art

This is not the original art Lisbeth and I created for today. Though we used the same photo, which we both liked, the colors of our original creation were quite dark. After we put it in our post, both of us realized tomorrow is Easter and we should create something bright and springy. The finished product is definitely vibrant and also looks as if some kitty got carried away with the Easter egg dye. Nonetheless, we like it. As always, Lisbeth hopes her beau, Charles, will as well.


Lisbeth's Easter Art


I always like to tell you how I created our art, but I kept bouncing around from app to app this week, so I can only give you the barest of details. We started in Painnt with the Starry Painting effect. I did manipulate that quite a lot with the various settings available. Next I add the Beauty art filter from LunaPic and the metallic texture and floral border from piZap. By that time the colors had faded quite a bit, so I took the the photo into Picassa and bumped up the saturation, for a more vibrant effect, and then added the blue borders. The last step was to add the flower cut-outs in piZap.

The original photo shows Lisbeth enjoying a sunpuddle on one of the last days of winter. In fact, it was one of the few sunny days we had all winter. I absolutely love how the sun was shining through her ears and turned them bright pink. They almost look like bunny ears!

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is not only our Sunday Selfies blog hop but also Easter. I have no idea which of the Kitties Blue will be here. I do know whichever kitty is here, they will take the opportunity to Easterize their selfie. Though not necessary, I hope you will do the same. It will make for a very colorful and festive hop.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.



Caturday Art

Mauricio is here today for Caturday Art to ask for some purrs and POTP. That’s right…it’s his turn, which is why this Kitty Blue is blue. He now has the eye infection, which is working its way through the furmily. We’ve put some ointment in his eye, and he has a vet appointment at 8 a.m. Dad Tom and I are praying he’ll be the last to contract this. (Calista Jo has a few more days of medication and ointment.)

This photo was taken on Monday at the same time as Lisbeth’s “nip” photo from yesterday’s post.


Caturday Art with Mau


To create the art, I used the Painnt app again. The effect I used is Composition – X. I set the color filter at “original” and increased the saturation. Next, I added the blue scrolled border with piZap and the square border with Picasa.

Caturday ArtIf you check out the original photo, you will see that Mau has nip on his head and is standing on a package of Temptations. Are you wondering what possibly could be the reason for this largesse? It was Chris, of course. She was here to clean. She always brings nip and treats for the gang. Mauricio is looking up at her and wondering why the treat package is still closed.

Several additional photos were taken, which I will share in future posts.

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Sunday Selfies

Another week has slipped away making it time for you to get your selfie taken for tomorrow’s blog hop.

The whippersnapper will be here tomorrow as your host for week #180 of the hop. It’s his punishment for escaping outside through the front door last night. We tempted him to come with treats and his favorite wand toy, and Dad Tom scooped him up. When you see his selfie tomorrow, you’ll find he showed no remorse. What a little stinker!

Looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces tomorrow!


Caturday Art

We know that Christmas is just a bit more than two weeks away, but in our opinion, it’s a tad too soon for our Caturday Art to resemble a Christmas card. Obviously, our mom does not agree. What do you think…too soon?


Christmas Art


Dad discovered Cooper Murphy collapsed and deep in sleep in a living room chair yesterday afternoon. His morning had been totally chaotic with Sawyer constantly following close on his heels and trying to coerce him into playing. Cooper seemed fine with all the activity, but he needed a restorative nap midday (as did Sawyer).

To create today’s art, Mom used the Spectrum effect from the Painnt app and manipulated the hue to get the green and red colors. The gift boxes and frame were added with picMonkey.

Here’s the original photo of tuckered out Cooper Murphy.

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Christmas Cards

Since we mentioned that our art looks like a holiday card, we want to let you know that Mom is busily working on addressing Lily Olivia’s Crotchety Cougar card, Mau and Cooper Murphy’s Cat Scout card and our Kitties Blue card. She expects to have them all in the mail the first of the week. We will post them all here for Caturday Art on the 23rd.

Sunday Selfie Early Warning

Tomorrow is the day we look forward to all week, as it’s when we get to see the smiling faces of all our friends. So, we are reminding you to snap your selfie and join us tomorrow for our blog hop.

Purrs & paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer



Blog4Peace 2017


Kitties Blue Peace Glob for Blog Blast 4 Peace.


Blog 4 Peace 2016


Each year Kitties Blue pawticipate in the Blog Blast for Peace.



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Caturday Art

Our Peace Globe is our entry in this week’s Caturday Art blog hop hosted by Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty. To find links to other blogs displaying art and/or submit some of you own, click on the badge below.

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Another week has flown by. We are looking forward to seeing all your bright, furry faces here tomorrow for the Sunday Selfies blog hop. We currently have no one poised before the camera to snap their selfie and act as your host. But before tomorrow, we are fairly certain mom will have snagged one of us to take a photo. At least, you better hope so. No one wants to look at her.

Until then…

Purrs, paw-pats and prayers for peace, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


Caturday Art

Lisbeth as Caturday Art.


Six years ago this month, I became part of the Kitties Blue crew. At the time my name was Cary. I was adopted along with a little tortie kitty named, Tabitha. Today, I am Lisbeth. That tortie is Astrid.

This photo was taken in my foster home, where I lived with my mom, Tuxie, Tabitha and her brother, Bobby, and my fursibs. Mom picked it for today’s art, as she liked the smile on my sweet face.

To create our art, Mom used the Dark art filter from LunaPic as well as the animated glitter effect in gold. She, however, turned off the animation. Then she added the Sapphire classic filter with piZap and the frame with PhotoFaceFun. She apologizes for my scary looking eyes. The Dark filter removed all the color from them. She tried to put it back, but couldn’t get my eyes to look any better.

Baby LisbethHere’s the original “baby” photo.

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Sunday Selfies

Mom asked me to remind everyone that tomorrow is our Sunday Selfies blog hop. All the Kitties Blue were so excited and touched that so many joined us last week to honor new angel, Phoebe (15 And Meowing). We certainly hope you’ll return again this week.

Our Absence

We truly are sorry we haven’t had the opportunity to do much visiting. We thought now that Mom and Dad are home she was finished with all the non-cat-centric reunion activities. But no such luck. Pfffft! She has promised to make more of an effort on our behalf. We’ll believe it when we see our comments appearing on your blogs.

Purrs and paw-pats (with kisses for my sweet Charles), Lisbeth


Caturday Art

Here we are hopping again. This time for Caturday Art—our mom’s favorite blog hop. All this hopping is making us feel more like a fluffle of bunnies than the clutter of cats we are. But all that aside, Mom tinkered with a photo of me today. I don’t think I need any embellishment, but like my brofur and sisfurs, I have zero control over her fiddling. So here I am in her latest creation.


ginger cats


I was sitting in one of the chairs on the catio when Dad Tom snapped this photo. I suspect that I had my eyes on the bird feeder.

Mom usually explains her process for creating each of her “art” pieces, but she got a migraine this afternoon, and her brain is fuzzier than usual. I can tell you that she started with LunaPic and turned my photo into a black and white sketch. She added the color back to my nose and eyes using PicMonkey. She added some other stuff with PicMonkey as well, including that green frost. The flowers were added with piZap and the border with Picasa. Please forgive us for not being more specific.

ginger catsHere’s the original photo of me in which I am looking particularly adorable. The arty one, however, is our entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To find links to other blogs with art, click on her badge. And if you haven’t attempted creating some art for the hop, give it a try. The internet abounds with oodles of free photo-editing programs.



Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow we will have a special selfies blog hop in honor of Friends Furever, Dad Bill (Allie and Raz’s daddy). All the Kitties Blue, as well as our mom and dad are so sad that he had to go to heaven on Thursday. He fought very hard the last couple of months to get well and return home, but God had other plans. Please keep Allie, Raz and Mom Sharon in your thoughts and prayers.  Even if you don’t take a selfie or join the hop, we hope you’ll stop by and honor him.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy


Caturday Art


Two cats in repose.


Today’s art features Calista Jo in the foreground and Cooper Murphy in the background. They were on the bed napping until I snapped their photo. It looks as if C.J. is resting her head on Cooper Murphy, but it is actually a stuffed animal.

I started in Picasa by making a pencil sketch and then adding some of the color back into it. I applied the ‘flowers” art effect using LunaPic and took the saturation level to 100%. The butterfly and swirly leaves are from piZap and the mat and frame from Picasa.

As we do with all our art, we are entering Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To enter some art of your own and/or find links to other creations, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies

Just a quick reminder that we will be back for our weekly blog hop tomorrow. Lisbeth has kindly agreed to be your host and has snapped a rather respectable photo this week. Participation has fallen off the last couple of weeks, and with this being Labor Day weekend, Kitties Blue an I suspect entries will continue to be low. So, if you don’t mind, please invite your anipal friends to join in the fun.

Until then…toodles!




Caturday Art


Vintage-style art for Caturday Art blog hop.


I am delighted to be back with you again today. Mom says this is not one of her favorite art creations, but I like it. I think it has a girly as well as a vintage look. She created it using piZap, PicMoney and Picasa. She didn’t really keep track of exactly what she did.

Basis for this week's art. The original photo shows me on the catio, watching either a squirrel or bird on the other side of the screen.

I hope by boyfriend Charles will come by and see me.

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Sunday Selfies

Tomorrow begins year four of our blog hop. Most of you who entered last week indicated that you’d like us to continue. So, for now, that is the plan. I believe we will have a guest host tomorrow. Mom won’t give me hint, so I can’t tip you off. You’ll just have to check back tomorrow.

Until then…purrs and paw-pats, Lisbeth


Caturday Art

Today’s art is a bit different…no cats were disturbed or photographed in its creation.


Summer sunflower art.


We have had a total of five sunflowers this summer, and all have been in flower boxes. The groundhogs have munched all those that have tried to grow in the garden. And the squirrels have been mowing down the ones in the flower boxes. Consequently, I was excited to have Dad Tom get a couple of photos of the two we have now.

Here’s the photo that is the basis for today’s art. I normally like to tell you how I created the arty version, but I didn’t really keep track this week. I can tell you that I began by converting the photo to a pencil sketch using Picasa. The remainder of the creation was accomplished using PicMonkey. I think it is interesting, and I like it. What do you think? Was it okay to do something that didn’t involve any of the Kitties Blue?

This is our entry in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. To show off your creativity and/or see that of other bloggers, click on her badge.

p.s. We just found out that Athena is on vacation, so no blog hop this week. We hope you enjoy our art anyway!

Cat Scouts Summer Camp

Cooper Murphy and Mau have been super busy at Summer Camp in Yosemite. They’ve been doing craft projects, writing poetry and sharing s’mores recipes. They also hiked to the top of Half Dome.

Both boys have promised to share some of their poetry later in the week as well as photos of their craft projects.

It’s been a long week. Both boys and I are exhausted. Summer Camp ends Sunday, and we’ll be glad to get back to a regular schedule of visiting and finding out what you all have been doing.

Sunday Selfies Reminder

After a post with no cats, I can assure you one of the Kitties Blue will be here tomorrow. No volunteers yet, so I may need to use some form of bribery to secure a subject. Don’t forget to recruit someone at your house to join in the fun tomorrow. All of us look forward to seeing you then.



Caturday Art

As promised, we have a guest artist today. It is our dad, Tom. As some of you know, he is the one who takes most of the “good” photographs that appear on our blog. He also belongs to a couple of different photo clubs, and they have “assignments” for each meeting. After one of those, Dad discovered using mirror images and kaleidoscopic techniques. One of us was his subject, and we are certain you will recognize who it is.

Mom liked the image so much she decided to forgo creating any art this week and share our dad’s instead. Way to go mom! We think this is a very cool image, and that Mom was nice to give our dad this opportunity.


Cooper Murphy in the Round - Caturday Art


Mom says that depending on how she looks at this, she sees cats, bats, some type of big-eyed insect and a star fruit in the center. What do you see in today’s art?

Mom also has used some kaleidoscopic techniques for past Caturday Art. If you would like to see those posts, click on the links: Kaleidoscope Kitty Astrid and Kaleidoscope Mauricio. She thinks Dad’s art is considerably better than what she created. What do you think?

This is our submission in Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. If you would like to create some art and join the hop or just check out the other submissions, click on Athena’s badge.

Sunday Selfies

That’s right, it is time to start thinking about getting your selfie snapped for tomorrow’s hop. The elusive Lisbeth will be here as your host, and she’d be delighted if you would join her.

Until then…purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy