Caturday Art

This is not the original art Lisbeth and I created for today. Though we used the same photo, which we both liked, the colors of our original creation were quite dark. After we put it in our post, both of us realized tomorrow is Easter and we should create something bright and springy. The finished product is definitely vibrant and also looks as if some kitty got carried away with the Easter egg dye. Nonetheless, we like it. As always, Lisbeth hopes her beau, Charles, will as well.


Lisbeth's Easter Art


I always like to tell you how I created our art, but I kept bouncing around from app to app this week, so I can only give you the barest of details. We started in Painnt with the Starry Painting effect. I did manipulate that quite a lot with the various settings available. Next I add the Beauty art filter from LunaPic and the metallic texture and floral border from piZap. By that time the colors had faded quite a bit, so I took the the photo into Picassa and bumped up the saturation, for a more vibrant effect, and then added the blue borders. The last step was to add the flower cut-outs in piZap.

The original photo shows Lisbeth enjoying a sunpuddle on one of the last days of winter. In fact, it was one of the few sunny days we had all winter. I absolutely love how the sun was shining through her ears and turned them bright pink. They almost look like bunny ears!

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Sunday Selfies Reminder

Tomorrow is not only our Sunday Selfies blog hop but also Easter. I have no idea which of the Kitties Blue will be here. I do know whichever kitty is here, they will take the opportunity to Easterize their selfie. Though not necessary, I hope you will do the same. It will make for a very colorful and festive hop.

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.