Sunday Selfies: Week #469


catio two-fur: A light ginger tabby cat and a torbie cat on a cat tree on the catio.


Look who stepped up for selfies today—the youngest of the Kitties Blue. Audrey does not look too pleased about the situation but agreed to be included nonetheless. And Raleigh didn’t run off, which is really a big deal. So, today we have what we like to call a two-fur. Our two-fur was snapped on the catio.

Now it’s your turn to share a selfie with us and all your other friends. It doesn’t even take a minute to link up, so please join Audrey and Raleigh. As we always like to remind you: It is not necessary to post today. You have until midnight Thursday to join us. To everyone who does participate, Kitties Blue and I send a huge thank you.

Now go have yourselves an easy Sunday.




Sunday Selfies: Week #452


Small tuxedo cat using the back of a large ginger tabby cat as a pillow with dogwood flower border.


This definitely is not a traditional selfie, but a pretty darn cute one, I think you’ll admit. Misty May seems to have found the ideal spot for an afternoon snooze and a casual selfie. I guess this is actually a two-fur…just not a conventional one!

Now that you’ve seen Misty May and Cooper Murphy, they are hoping you’ll share a Sunday Selfie with them, all the other Kitties Blue as well as your friends. They also want to remind you that the hop remains open through Thursday.

Thanks for joining us today as well as following, commenting and supporting us. And have a terrific, easy Sunday. We really are hoping spring as finally arrived wherever you live.




Easter Sunday Selfies: Week #451


A tuxedo cat and a grey cat pose for an Easter Sunday Selfies blog hop in a Two-fur photo framed with a bunny head, decorated eggs, a flower and pink and blue border.


I have an unlikely duo here today sharing a two-fur for our Easter Sunday Selfies. They were lying in wait for Astrid. We don’t know if they blinked or decided to give Astrid a pass, but Dad Tom and I watched her slowly slink past. Neither Kizmet nor Misty May lifted a paw or made a sound. They must have been behaving in the hopes the Easter Bunny will bring them some extra treats today. I suppose they also thought agreeing to take this two-fur would up the chances of that. I did fancy up their selfie a bit with the frame from favpng.

Misty May, Kizmet and all the Kitties Blue hope you’ll share a selfie with us today. If you’d like to add a bit of Easter bling that would be great, but, obviously, not required. We know some of you and your humans will be celebrating the holiday and may not have the time to take or share a selfie. That’s okay. You can join the hop anytime through Thursday.


Thank You

Dad Tom and I thank everyone who left kind words on yesterday’s post with regard to the passing of family member, Violette. Your thoughtfulness and compassion are much appreciated.

And thank you for being our friends, followers and supporters!



Sunday Selfies: Week #442


A grey cat and tabby kitten (two furs) sitting in front of a sunny window.


The two youngest Kitties Blue ladies are here today as your hosts for Sunday Selfies. They’d like to apologize to Noelle who was hoping to see Sawyer. But when you are as terrific looking as these two and have posed so beautifully, you need to steal the spotlight and have a two fur, at least for the day!

We do know that each of you is as adorable as Kizmet and Audrey, so please snap a selfie and join our hop. All of Kitties Blue enjoy seeing you each week, and we know your other friends do as well. We love having all of you as our friends and appreciate your support and participation each week.

Have an easy Sunday.




Sunday Selfies: Week #394


two-fur brothers, Sawyer and Cooper Murphy lounge on the bed and take an usie for Sunday Selfies


Unbelievably, I did not have to bribe or coerce anyone to take a selfie today. As you can see, the brothers, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer, volunteered and took an usie (what I like to call a two-fur) for you. The boys are your hosts today, and they look forward to you joining them.

This is not Coop and Sawyer’s first usie. They did one for Halloween. If you missed that post, you can see it at: “Scary Halloween Usie.”

They are cats of few words, but they both want to say, “hi,” to their girlfriends, Tyebe and Noelle, respectively. They also want to thank each of you for your support and friendship.

Now, let’s hoppity-hop-hop!



Sunday Selfies: Week #385

I usually have difficulty convincing one of the Kitties Blue to do a selfie, but for the first hop of the new year, I had two volunteers. So, I convinced them to take an usie or what I like to call a two-fur!


new year two-fur


Sawyer and Calista Jo were enjoying an afternoon sunpuddle and a bit of a snooze before they snapped their photo.

They and their fursibs invite you to join them on our first Sunday Selfies blog hop of 2022. You can join anytime through Thursday just in case you are otherwise occupied today.

The kitties and I appreciate your support and friendship for the seven-plus years we have been hosting this blog hop. Participation has waxed and waned through the years, but many of you have stuck with us. We are most thankful for all of you.

Finally, I have been very remiss in visiting and commenting for the past few months, but I promise to improve in 2022.



Sunday Selfies: Week #382




Here is the two-fur I promised you yesterday. Sawyer and Kizmet often sleep side by side, as I have shared on a few other occasions. It is usually Sawyer who initiates the cuddling, but seeking each other out goes both ways. One of the reasons for adopting Kizmet was to provide Sawyer with a playmate, as none of the Kitties Blue would play with him. Their snuggling is a bonus. Sawyer hopes his girlfriend Noelle doesn’t get jealous. His relationship with Kizmet is strictly platonic.

Hopping Time

Now, it is your turn to share your selfie, or maybe you have a two-fur today as well. Whichever it is, we look forward to your joining us on the hop. You can link up below anytime through Thursday. So, if you’re not a Sunday poster, you can still join in the fun. and, of course, you don’t need to be of the feline persuasion to participate. All anipals are welcome.

Thanks for being our friends and supporting our hop each week.




Sunday Selfies: Week #372




Yesterday, I promised you a “two-fur” Sunday Selfie with Cooper Murphy and Kizmet, but I didn’t promise they would look happy about it! Though they were hanging out for a fair amount of time next to each other on the catio, it was not because they were “making nice.” They were ignoring each other and continued to do so while I took photos. Basically, Kizmet is a little bit too energetic for Cooper Murphy!

I added a little touch of fall foliage to their photo for some additional interest.

Now that Coop and Kizmet have shared, they invite you to join them and add your selfie to today’s blog hop. As a reminder, you do not have to post today to participate, and you can join anytime through Thursday. But why wait? Link up now and then enjoy a nice easy Sunday.

We always appreciate your participation, friendship and support.




Sunday Selfies: Week #311

We have two guest hosts today, and I absolutely guarantee you are going to squee when you see them.


Sunday Selfies


These two cuties were photographed by Dad Tom while they were trying to keep cool under the chaise longue on our upper deck. The little one on the left is half the size of the other. Normally we have raccoons that visit at night, but these were coming during the afternoon for a few days to get in Kitties Blue water bowl. We now have a big water bowl for them under the catio. It is okay for them to come at night but not when the gang is on their catio.

As you can imagine, all the Kitties Blue are happy to have the week off from the selfie gig. However, that doesn’t mean the rest of you get to take the day off. We are all anxious to see your selfies.

Remember it is not necessary for you to post on Sundays to join us. The hop is open through Thursday.

Please join us tomorrow for Sparks/Awww Mondays and Tuesday for the next installment in the series, “The Adventures of Periwinkle & Stinky.”

Thanks for supporting us, our blog and the Sunday Selfies blog hop.



Sunday Selfies: Week #103


Sisters Fiona and Giulietta present a twofur for the Sunday Selfies Blog Hop.


Today I have a two-fur of the most gorgeous sisters, Fiona and Giulietta. I selected this frame in PhotoFunia not knowing the photo would be turned into a painting as well. Aren’t they exquisite? It makes me sad to know they will not grow old together. They love each other so much. Even on these hot days they can be found cuddled together.

Today I worked in the yard for a couple of hours. Even though it was super H-O-T, I allowed Fiona to join me as she loves it so much. It was wonderful to see her exploring and enjoying herself. Watching her roll around on the driveway relishing the coolness of the concrete warmed my heart. She is truly a special girl.

Seven months have now passed since Fiona was diagnosed with Stage 4 CKD. When we left our vet’s office that day, I was not optimistic about her chances to survive for anything more than a very short time. In the scheme of things, seven months is a very short time but more than I expected. Many of you have written me about your cats. Some have survived as many as three years with CKD. We are blessed to have had these seven months, but I want more and pray she can survive as long as others have. So I continue to ask for your purrs, prayers and POTP for my sweet girl.




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