Sunday Selfies: Week #469


catio two-fur: A light ginger tabby cat and a torbie cat on a cat tree on the catio.


Look who stepped up for selfies today—the youngest of the Kitties Blue. Audrey does not look too pleased about the situation but agreed to be included nonetheless. And Raleigh didn’t run off, which is really a big deal. So, today we have what we like to call a two-fur. Our two-fur was snapped on the catio.

Now it’s your turn to share a selfie with us and all your other friends. It doesn’t even take a minute to link up, so please join Audrey and Raleigh. As we always like to remind you: It is not necessary to post today. You have until midnight Thursday to join us. To everyone who does participate, Kitties Blue and I send a huge thank you.

Now go have yourselves an easy Sunday.