Sunday Selfies: Week #385

I usually have difficulty convincing one of the Kitties Blue to do a selfie, but for the first hop of the new year, I had two volunteers. So, I convinced them to take an usie or what I like to call a two-fur!


new year two-fur


Sawyer and Calista Jo were enjoying an afternoon sunpuddle and a bit of a snooze before they snapped their photo.

They and their fursibs invite you to join them on our first Sunday Selfies blog hop of 2022. You can join anytime through Thursday just in case you are otherwise occupied today.

The kitties and I appreciate your support and friendship for the seven-plus years we have been hosting this blog hop. Participation has waxed and waned through the years, but many of you have stuck with us. We are most thankful for all of you.

Finally, I have been very remiss in visiting and commenting for the past few months, but I promise to improve in 2022.