Caturday Art



Here’s our cheery and colorful art for Athena Cat Goddess Wise Kitty’s Caturday Art blog hop. Even with the wide array of colors, I think you will recognize ginger kitty, Cooper Murphy. As I like to do, I used a few different apps to transform the photo below. The Lunapic Nouveau art filter and glass tile effect were added first. I then increased the saturation and added a red border using Picasa. The flower border is from piZap.



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Kitten Impossible

If you are a fan of Jackson Galaxy, like I am, you won’t want to miss the episode of My Cat from Hell on Animal Planet, tonight (June 3) at 8 p.m. P/E and 7 p.m. central. Jackson Galaxy teams up with Hannah Shaw (a.k.a. the Kitten Lady) to transport 50 kittens on a life-saving road trip, as part of his Operation Homeward Bound program, to the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, where Galaxy got his start. You can also drop by the live video Q&A on the My Cat From Hell Facebook page prior to the show (7:30 Eastern/4:30pm Pacific).

I was fortunate to interview Galaxy by telephone in November 2015. If you missed the series of posts that resulted from that interview, you can read them by clicking on their titles: Jackson Galaxy Interview; Jackson Galaxy Interview Part 2 & Catify to Satisfy Review; and Jackson Galaxy Interview Part 3.

Sunday Selfie Reminder

Well, it’s time again to hijack your human’s phone or camera and take a stunning selfie of yourself to share on our blog hop tomorrow. Participation has fallen off the last couple of weeks, so Kitties Blue and I hope to see you here tomorrow. This week we are dedicating our post to Dash Kitten‘s Dusty, who recently received his angel wings. Please come by and pay tribute to him.






Caturday Art

Last Caturday our humans helped transport two kitties who were being moved from Georgia to Northern Virginia. If you missed it, these two handsome gentlemen were the hosts for last Sunday’s Selfies Blog Hop.

Ricky Bobby dreaming and looking at the blue sky.Mom had several photos of Ricky Bobby she thought might make good art and selected this one. It was taken in the car. Mom loved the backdrop of the blue sky and white clouds through the sunroof.

Ricky Bobby and his traveling companion, Bruno Mars, ended their journey at Fancy Cats Rescue Team in Herndon, Virginia. Mom went to their site today and PetFinder looking for the two boys. Bruno was listed, but she couldn’t find Ricky Bobby. We all have our paws crossed that he has already found his forever home.

Here is the art mom created using Picasa this week. She first turned the photo into a pencil sketch. She then added the heat map filter, the posterize filter and the HDR filter. The final step was adding a frame from PhotoFaceFun.


Ricky Bobby looking at the Blue Sky through an artist's eyes.


Normally, we would be less than pleased that our blog has been taken over again by this interloper, but if Ricky hasn’t found a home yet, someone may see him here and make inquiries about adopting him. That’s more impawtant than only thinking of ourselves all the time. You can read the original post featuring Ricky and Bruno here. And you can inquire about Ricky (or Bruno) here.

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Sunday Selfies

Cat4-001Time to set that self-timer on your camera and start snapping some photos for tomorrow’s blog hop. We’ve been making lots of new friends, and we sincerely hope y’all have been visiting some of the newer hoppers. We don’t know as yet who your host will be tomorrow, but it will be one of the Kitties Blue! It all depends on who Mom can coerce.

Thanks for visiting, dear friends!

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


Sunday Selfies: Week #95

We are incredulous! Not only did the female parental unit fail to mention Hug Your Cat Day yesterday but she and her male cohort also abandoned us for elebenty bazillion hours.* We know you’re wondering what could possibly be more impawtant than spending the day loving on us. NASCAR, movies and music that’s what. They deserted us to spend time with Ricky Bobby and Bruno Mars.

Now we know you are wondering what this all has to do with our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. Well…it seems that Ricky and Bruno are this week’s guest interlopers hosts for our hop. Here they are now.


Transport of Bruno Mars and Ricky Bobby


Oh, did we forget to mention that Bruno and Ricky are cats. Sorry!

Yesterday, our humans pawticipated in what our dad like’s to call the Underground Kitty Railroad. Mom and Dad belong to a group called Cuteheads, a kitty transport network. Though help was provided by the Cuteheads’ Dorian Wagner, this transport was from Angie Hills Boudreau, Cat Program Coordinator at the Humane Society of Forsyth County, GA, to Fancy Cats Rescue Team (Herndon, VA). There these FIV+, three-year-old boys will have a home until forever homes can be found.

Our humans drove to North Carolina to pick up these two and then brought them back to Roanoke, where they handed them off for the next leg of their journey. They are now happily checking out their new home at Fancy Cats.

We think these two boys resemble our two girls, Fiona and Lisbeth. What do you think?

Mom says Ricky was quiet and chill except for two little meows during the three-plus hours they were in Mom’s and Dad’s care. Bruno, however, spent the first hour talking constantly then fell quiet for the remainder of the trip. Traci, who handed off the boys to our parents, said he did exactly the same thing with her. When Mom and Dad gave the boys to Mary Ann for the next leg of their journey, Bruno burrowed under his beddy and pee pad. Guess he’d had enough stimulation.

Here’s a collage with a few other photos of the boys.


Transport collage of FIV+ Ricky Bobby and Bruno Mars


We actually apurrciate what our humans do to help other kitties. But we really don’t think Mom had to HUG these boys and give them mousie toys. MOUSES!

Cat4-001Anyhoo, this is our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop with interlopers. As always, we look forward to seeing your selfies. The link to join the hop is below as is the code to include the hop on your blog should you desire. Purrlease link back to The Cat on My Head and/or display our badge if you do this. If you have any problem at all entering your link, leave us a comment. Our mom will do it for you.

Purrs and paw-pats from the unhugged, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

* Editor’s note: Kitties Blue were only alone for about nine-and-a-half hours, and they didn’t even lift their heads when we got home.



Cuteheads Transport

Saturday morning we set out in the cold for Elkin, NC, 129 miles from our home, to pick up kitties, Jazzy and Bogie. Jazzy and Bogie left Atlanta at around 8 a.m., and we were scheduled to pick them up at around 1:30 p.m. for our leg of the journey that would bring them to Salem, VA, with their final destination being Chantilly, VA. 


Tom with Bogie.


Me transferring Jazzy to our car.











Jazzy, a three/four-year-old, Maine Coon girl, and Bogie, a five-year-old, Manx/Mix boy, are two FIV+ kitties who were surrendered by their human but not because of being FIV+. They were surrendered because of temperament/behavioral issues. Granted, we were with them for only a couple of hours, but the very worst we could say about them is that Jazzy is shy. Bogie was an absolute lover. He let me give him endless head scritches while he purred and made air biscuits!



Jazzy and Bogie loaded up and ready for the next leg of their trip.


I brought sparkly balls for Jazzy and Bogie. They weren’t interested, however. Bogie eventually napped but Jazzy never took her eyes off me. She did finally give me a slow-blink kitty kiss. Sharkie and Blue accompanied us on our road trip so they could meet our precious cargo. This was their last adventure prior to returning home to Bailey on Nocturne.








This is some of what Jazzy’s new mom, Rhonda Dalton, posted on Facebook yesterday: “I put out my hand and she sniffed, head bonked and purrred it up.” Rhonda added, “Oh what a SWEETHEART. What a fool that person was that had her and dumped her at the shelter. If only they had given her the chance.”

Jazzy had been adopted off the internet and was only in her previous home for 15 days before being surrendered.

You can find out more about Cuteheads or sign up to “Drive Cats” at Dorian Wagner’s Facebook page, Your Daily Cute.

Be Forever Furless

It is with pleasure that we announce the winners of the Lilly Brush Be Forever Furless: Emma and Buster. I’ll be sending you an e-mail to get your mailing address.

Technical Difficulties

Sunday morning, I discovered that all the e-mail in The Cat on My Head account had totally disappeared, and I was not receiving any new e-mail. After an extended live chat with by service provider, West Host, I was told that the particular server used by my account was full! They were in the process of adding new memory but did not know how long that would take. Approximately 12 hours later, my old e-mail started to load. However, as of 2 a.m. this morning, I still had not received any of yesterday’s mail. I am thankful that finally it all seems to have been delivered.

As my blog is stored on this same server, I discovered that I could not upload any of my photos when I tried to write this post. Consequently, instead of this arriving in your mailbox last night at 12:01 a.m., you are now receiving it some 15 hours later. Due to this, we will not post a Doozy of a Snoozy tomorrow. Without any additional problems (photos from this post have been disappearing as I wrote it.), we will be back for Wordless Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who joined our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop yesterday. At least that seemed to work thanks to Linky Tools.  If you did, however, try to load a selfie and were unable to do so, the blog hop is still open for submissions. And, of course, we hope you will join us again this upcoming Sunday.

Have a catabulous week!






audreyEarly Sunday morning, Audrey, with the white-tipped tail and heart-shaped nose, began the first-leg of her trip home to Florida. We were privileged to have her in our care for the second-leg from one-and-a-half hours north of our home to an hour south of it. She would over-night at our drop-off point waiting to be picked-up for the 13-hour trip back to Florida.

Audrey was being returned by her adopter in Northern Virginia to her foster mom, Fredrika. But the good news, in what sounds like a sad story, is that foster mom Fredrika is now Audrey’s furever mom. She’s returning to a place she knows and a person who loves her. We can’t think of a better outcome.

We don’t know why Audrey’s adoption failed. She is a very young cat with a sweet and loving personality and warm and friendly disposition. We loved every minute of the three-plus hours we spent with her.

I hope you enjoy meeting her through these photos. She took a dozen-and-a-half selfless. There wasn’t a bad one among them, but we’ll limit how many we share.


p.s. I am very proud of Mauricio for volunteering his special blanket from Allie to use during our leg of the trip.

* We participated in this transport as part of the Cuteheads group. Tom likes to call it the “Underground Kitten Railroad.” Click on Cuteheads (above) to be taken to their volunteer form.




Not too long ago I signed up at Your Daily Cute to be a kitty transport driver. This weekend, I was called into service for the first time to do a leg of a trip from Florida to Maine, where those being transported will have a better opportunity for adoption and not be euthanized. The transport consisted of 12 kitties in five carriers and enough paraphernalia to set up a small town.

Shakira and George

Shakira and George

I had planned to do this on my own until traffic delays on other legs pushed my leg about an hour and forty-five minutes behind. This meant I would be returning home in the dark. Driving at night is not something I am fond of doing so my wonderful spouse, Tom, volunteered to accompany me. I think he actually was afraid that all the kitties might not get passed on to the next driver, especially after he saw my Comment about the beautiful gray and white kitten, Shakira, on Your Daily Cute.

Janet and Debbie at transfer in Roanoke. Debbie is holding the PTU containing the Ginger Nuggets: Chester, Cheeto and Frito.

Janet and Debbie at transfer in Roanoke. Debbie is holding the PTU containing the Ginger Nuggets: Chester, Cheeto and Frito.





If Debbie, who handed off to us had her way, she would have absconded with tuxie, George, the PTU companion of Shakira. Katie, the driver following us probably would have questioned why she was getting an empty PTU and only ten kitties.

Anyway, things went great. By the time we picked up the kitties, all had been traveling for nearly two days and seemed pretty tuckered out, except Maggie, a tiger kitten and part of the Simpsons: Mom Marge (tabby), Lisa (tortie) and Bart (ginger). She and I had a few rounds of smacky paw through the door of the PTU before she and her siblings settled down to have a meal from Marge and then a good snooze.

The final kitty was Ellie, a lovely, white and ginger female, who was headed for her furever home.

The Simpsons: Mom Marge, tortie Lisa, tabby Maggie and ginger Bart.

The Simpsons: Mom Marge, Lisa, Maggie and Bart.

Our transfer to Katie, holding Maine coon Thea and Siamese Linxie,before beginning the final leg of the day.

Our transfer to Katie, holding Maine Coon Thea and Siamese Linxie, prior to beginning the final leg of the day.

I volunteered to do this as I am unable to foster kitties from the local group, Barn Cat Buddies, that I support. Demando-cat, Mauricio, with his extreme jealousy would make our lives (kitties and humans) miserable if we had a bunch of itty bitty kittens here.

And I think it will actually give me the occasional kitten fix all of us who love cats seem to crave once in a while. So as Tom calls it, The Underground Kitty Railroad has a couple more drivers.