audreyEarly Sunday morning, Audrey, with the white-tipped tail and heart-shaped nose, began the first-leg of her trip home to Florida. We were privileged to have her in our care for the second-leg from one-and-a-half hours north of our home to an hour south of it. She would over-night at our drop-off point waiting to be picked-up for the 13-hour trip back to Florida.

Audrey was being returned by her adopter in Northern Virginia to her foster mom, Fredrika. But the good news, in what sounds like a sad story, is that foster mom Fredrika is now Audrey’s furever mom. She’s returning to a place she knows and a person who loves her. We can’t think of a better outcome.

We don’t know why Audrey’s adoption failed. She is a very young cat with a sweet and loving personality and warm and friendly disposition. We loved every minute of the three-plus hours we spent with her.

I hope you enjoy meeting her through these photos. She took a dozen-and-a-half selfless. There wasn’t a bad one among them, but we’ll limit how many we share.


p.s. I am very proud of Mauricio for volunteering his special blanket from Allie to use during our leg of the trip.

* We participated in this transport as part of the Cuteheads group. Tom likes to call it the “Underground Kitten Railroad.” Click on Cuteheads (above) to be taken to their volunteer form.