Not So Wordless Wednesday

After Misty May hijacked the blog yesterday, Cooper Murphy and I decided to do the same. This means the petretary was forced to put her scheduled post on the back burner again. Woohoo…Kitties Blue = 2/petretary = 0. How many days do you think we can keep this up?

Bet you are wondering what is so gosh darn important that we had to bump petretary’s post. It is the third annual Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby. It is my third entry, but only Cooper’s first, as he’s a new Scout.

I think this is my most pawsome entry to date. Seems Mom and I are getting to be better builders with each successive year. And Dad Tom helped some this year as well. I know that made a huge difference.

Cooper Murphy and I want to share some photos of our Cat Scouts Hooligan Paddy Wagon. We are up against some stiff competition this year: a Furrari, Bucatti, milk delivery truck, a monster truck and a flying saucer, just to name a few of the entries. Voting will begin soon to determine the popular vote winner. We hope we can count on your votes. We’ll let you know how and when you can vote.

Okay, now that I’ve set the scene, here are a few photos.


Cat Scouts Hooligan Paddy Wagon

Cat Scouts Hooligan Paddy Wagon
Cat Scouts Hooligan Paddy Wagon

Cat Scouts Hooligan Paddy Wagon


We’ll share more photos in another post. If you’d like to see my previous two Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby entries, you can do so here and here. I think you’ll agree that this year’s entry is superior to my previous ones.

Giveaway Reminder

You only have two more days to enter our current giveaway. We are giving away a really wonderful product: the KittyRoo sweatshirt. It offers a warm and snuggly pouch for kitty or a small puppy. The petretary claims this hoodie (with cat ears) is luxuriously soft and comfy. She feels as if she has on her P.J.s when she’s wearing it. To read our original review and see some photos, click here. To win a sweatshirt for you and your human, leave a comment on the KittyRoo post prior to 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 6.

Though this is a darn wordy post, we are still entering the Wordless Wednesday blog hops.

Ciao and meow, Mau


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