Tuxie Tuesday with Misty May

When I heard the petretary planned to use these photos of Dad Tom and me for Wordless Wednesday, I had to protest. I never get to write anything here on our blog. She did tell me that if I posted these today, she would have to get wordy for WW. All I had to say was, “boo hoo, poor you!” She should be grateful I am giving her an extra day to write whatever drivel she was planning.

Anyhoo, if you are regular readers, you know that I AM The Cat on My Head, as I sleep on Mom’s pillow or her face. I guess that means I am represented here everyday. But being a static graphic isn’t the same as getting to write to all of you. If petretary had given me the credit I deserve, she would have named our blog, Misty May on My Head. Much catchier, don’t you think? If you all tell her in comments that you think that is a much better name, maybe she will change it. Paws crossed!

She also should be grateful that I am the one sleeping on her head. If I wasn’t, C.J. might try to take that spot, and she is twice my size!

Anyhoo, number two—and again if you are regular readers—you know that I may sleep on the petretary’s head, but I am a daddy’s girl. Before he goes to sleep, I am all over him. He radiates heat like a bonfire, making him the purrfect spot for a nap.

After all this preamble, I bet you are anxious to see the photos. The petretary took them so they stink, especially the second one. Nonetheless, I think you’ll find them amusing. (Cursor over the photo to see what I had to say to Dad.)


Tuxie Tuesday with Misty May


I had to promise to write a reminder about our giveaway as a condition of getting to write this post. MOUSES!

Giveaway Reminder

We are giving away a really wonderful product: the KittyRoo sweatshirt. It offers a warm and snuggly pouch for kitty or a small puppy. The petretary claims this hoodie (with cat ears) is luxuriously soft and comfy. She feels as if she has on her P.J.s when she’s wearing it. To read our original review and see some photos, click here. To win a sweatshirt for you and your human, leave a comment on the KittyRoo post prior to 5 p.m. ET on Thursday, April 6.

That’s all I have to say. I don’t want to bore you. I’ll leave that to petretary on our Wordy Wednesday post!

Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May