Tummy Tuesday


Tabby Tummy Tuesday with Cooper Murphy

Wow, had I’d known that I was going to be maligned in such a cruel and insensitive manner, I am not certain I would have selected Kitties Blue to be my furmily. Well, it isn’t really Kitties Blue that are the problem. It’s the humans. First Dad Tom took this photo of me, and then the petretary turned it into two memes. Check these out for yourselves. As you can see, I was merely trying to air out my belly furs on a warm day.


memes - I'm not fat!


memes - I am not indiscreet.


No kitty should be treated with such disrespect, and especially not one with a cute heart right on his belly. My humans should delight in my sharing that with them.

The petretary wants me to ask you to tell us in comments which of these memes you like best. If you are my friend, you will tell her, “neither.” Please stick up for this itty-bitty, tabby boy. And if possible, please send treats. I am fairly certain I won’t be getting any from my humans in the near future.

Other News

Last week for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday Mom wrote another poem, “Yesterday,” about our angel sisfur, Fiona. She asked if she should add that poem to the sidebar. Those who responded said, “yes.” She added it yesterday, along with a new badge for Fiona and a statement about our blog being dedicated to her memory. This has brought Mom some comfort and peace. She has decided that this will remain as a permanent part of our blog. We hope you won’t mind seeing this each time you visit.

Thanks for stopping by to see me.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy


What a terrific Tuesday it is when we can share a little bit of tabby tongue, toes, tummy and tail. Not having a tabby in the family since our sweet MacKenzie (another orange boy) left us in 2011, it is a treat to have this opportunity.

A call from another person hoping to claim Cooper Murphy as her lost cat had me in fear once again that we’d lose him. After much back and forth with phone calls and photos, and our trying to convince this lady that Cooper Murphy was not her three-year-old cat, Simba, she still asked to come see him. Before that could happen, she sent us a photo of Simba, pointing out that he has two freckles on his nose. (She could have started with that detail!) We sent an enlarged photo of Cooper Murphy’s freckleless nose to her. Another CATastrophe averted.

Check out these new photos of our catty cutie.


Cooper Murphy-2 - ginger tabby

Cooper Murphy-5 - ginger tabby


Not only can Cooper nap like a champ, but he also has mastered waving and giving a razzleberry at the same time. Crockett (Lone Star Cats) better watch out. He could have some competition from the new kid when it comes to his signature tongue displays.

Please feel free to squeee or snorgle at will!

I want all these people who have lost their precious, ginger tabbies to find them, but not at our expense of losing our new best friend and family member. He is the perfect addition to the Kitties Blue gang, and we have fallen in love.

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day? We hope we did that for Cooper Murphy.

Thank you, Fiona, for guiding this blessing to us.



Sunpuddle Snoozing

When we got up yesterday morning the temperature was in the 40s. That’s our coolest to date for this fall. Some kitty snuggling was happening. When a glorious large and warm sunpuddle appeared on the kitchen floor the competition to occupy it heated up.




Some tortie kitty decided to go one better and sit right on the window sill as the sun streamed through.That’s Astrid’s shadow to the left of Lisbeth’s head, and that’s about as close as these two get these days.

Lisbeth occupied most of the sunpuddle as she stretched out. Her size belies the delicate flower that she is. With Fiona’s diminishing size, she needed very little space to take advantage of the warmth. I thought it was super cute how the girls had their back legs interwoven.

I had thought that Fiona was gaining some weight and doing fairly well, but she has been quite puny the last few days. She sees Dr. Neel on Thursday, so we’ll have a better idea of her prognosis. She’ll report back to all of you on Friday or Saturday. A few extra purrs and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Saying Good-Bye

It is with heavy hearts that we say good-bye to our friend, Texas (Texas, a Parisian Cat in America), who recently earned his angel wings. Some of you my not have known Texas as his blogging has been sporadic the past couple of years.

In remembrance of him, Lisbeth asked that I share this photo. Prior to dating Cat Scout Charles and becoming his girl friend Lisbeth was escorted by Texas to Sammy‘s 2013 Halloween Costume Party. Here is their photo from that occasion.




Rest in Peace, Texas. We will miss you, but we know we’ll see you again.



As the temperatures go up, Lily Olivia’s summer position becomes more exaggerated. It’s not even summer yet, but we’ve already had temperatures in the mid-90s F. And Lily Olivia has reached her full-stretch.


Tummy-Toesy Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


She can spend hours in this position spread across the settee or double rocker on the front porch. I don’t know what she is going to do with herself when the temperature increases even more by mid-summer. Maybe I will be able to convince her to come inside where the A/C is running.

As Lily is showing off her toes in her snoozy photo, she thought you might like another photo of them.


Tummy-Toesy Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


It always amuses her dad when Lily Olivia sits with all four feet lined up. I know you want to kiss those cute toes, but watch yourself. You could lose an eye when Lily freaks out and then lashes out. Lily Olivia loves kisses on her head, and she will gladly give me kisses all over my face. I just have to ask. But those toes are off-limits. She doesn’t even like me touching them!

silverribbonBefore signing off today, we want to send our condolences to all the families and friends of those who lost their lives in Orlando over the weekend. We also are sending all our purrs and prayers to those who are still fighting for their lives. This continued violence saddens us and makes our hearts hurt.


A Tummy Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

I have come across some strange bed fellows at our house, but this combo was more surprising than the Lisbeth/Fiona one from last week.


Doozy of a Snoozy strange pairing


Granted, there’s a bit of space between these two, but it was still a huge shock to walk in on this scene. Giulietta rarely sleeps on our bed, but she can be found there occasionally during the day. To find her there in close proximity to Lily Olivia was a total shock. Lily Olivia was soundly snoozing in her favorite “bunny” position. If you look closely, you can see that Giulietta had one eye open. Lily may not have been aware of Giulietta’s presence, but Giulietta obviously knew Lily was behind her. Giulietta only snuggles with Fiona, but as these two are not officially snuggling, I guess Giulietta thought it was okay to nap next to Lily.

We all know that kitties can easily be awakened when they are merely catnapping. That is no longer the case with Lily Olivia, however, which is truly strange. I have wondered lately if she has lost some of her hearing and that’s why she can sleep so soundly. Sometimes she doesn’t even wake up when she’s called for breakfast or dinner. That never happened until recently. At age 17 some hearing loss would not be unusual. As she is in good health otherwise, I’m not too worried.

With reference to Lily’s health, I had not reported on her recent senior panel blood work. Both her BUN and liver enzymes were slightly elevated by just a few points each. Dr. Neel said at her age she didn’t feel it was much to worry about. She suggested it would be good if we could get Lily to eat a renal diet. She’s not picky so this shouldn’t be too difficult. I was happy to find out that she does not have hyperthyroidism, which is very common with cats of her age. With Fiona’s health issue, we don’t need another kitty who requires medication.

Wherever you are snoozing today, I hope you are as comfy as all the Kitties Blue.

Good-bye Spooky

SpookyKitties Blue and I were so sad to hear that 15 and Meowing‘s Spooky has left for the Rainbow Bridge. If you have not had the opportunity to stop in and leave your condolences for Mom Ellen, Phoebe, Cat Scout Sammy and the rest of the gang, please do so. This is the third kitty they have lost in a short amount of time, and I know they can use our support and prayers. We are sending them lots of purrs, hugs and love.



Do you have a plan on how you will spend your summer? Maybe you’re planning on watching lots of birdie TV, chasing the red dot, hunting mousies, growing and nomming catnip or something else equally stimulating. All excellent purrsuits for sure but a bit more energy intensive than what Lily has planned.

As a 16-year-old Lily Olivia prefers to contemplate the inside of her eyelids.




This is Lily’s favorite, warm-weather pastime—lounging on the settee on the front porch. We call this “summer position.” She might change positions, move to one of the rockers or the porch floor, but that’s usually the extent of her efforts. Looks like a pretty good life to me. I wonder where I can sign up?

As it is Tuesday, Lily is happy to show you her tummy and her toesies while she enjoys her Doozy of a Snoozy.




Since I have proclaimed myself King (of the Sunday Selfies), I have decided to feature myself again today with a classic tummy shot. As an extra treat, I have thrown in some toesies as well.




As you can see, I am distracted with my nip nanner, so I probably wouldn’t notice if you planted a kiss on my tummy or toes. Come on…go ahead! You know you want to.

Kitties Blue are not back to reading and commenting full-time. We are, however, working our way through the blogs with submissions to our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We so appreciate all of you who joined us. This coming Sunday and for several after, Kitties Blue will be featuring selfies of some special friends. I protested boisterously, but was overruled by the woman who thinks she decides what is published on this blog. I am currently plotting my revenge!

She’s also forcing me to allow Lisbeth to take over tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. I think the woman better make certain all her shoes are put away in the closet.

Purrs and pawpats, Mauricio, King of the Selfies


Really? How rude! That title was Dad’s idea, and the typist thought it was cute. How could she?


Floofy, long-haird grey cat lying on her back with all four paws in the air.


I can get up anytime I want. I am just showing off by extra floofy tummy and my substantial paws for your pleasure on Tummy and Toesy Tuesday.

Did you know that today (March 3) is: If Your Pets Had Thumbs Day? If I had thumbs, I would take over writing this post right now and rename it: “Meet the World’s Most Gorgeous, Smart and Floofilicious Cat with the Expressive Eyes!” I am every one of those things and more! (No, that more is not my size. It’s the camera angle that makes me look like a fuzzy dirigible.) I will admit that I appear to need my floof brushed. Hey, if I had those thumbs, I could do that for myself as well as open cat treat packages.

Hmmm, I believe I will need to think about this idea of thumbs for a bit. If I could brush myself and get my own treats, I could also scoop my own litter box.

Nope, don’t need to think about it. NO THUMBS FOR ME! I’d rather have the humans wait on me and do all the dirty work! I’ll just roll around on this heated kitchen floor and look adorable.

How about you: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta




A little sun + a little shade makes a perfect napping spot for Lily Olivia.

A little sun + a little shade makes any spot perfect for napping. At least Lily Olivia thinks so.

What cat doesn’t like to show off its tummy? And what person can resist a good tummy photo? Not us. And Lily Olivia is a champion belly exhibitionist!

This was taken a few years ago on our upper deck, which is uncovered and at certain times of day during summer way too hot to spend much time. Lily doesn’t seem to mind as long as she can find a little shade.

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Image 4-001

Calista Josette displays her lovely colorful fur and full length while napping on the heated kitchen floor. For some reason all of the kitties like this particular location in the corner. We suspect that for some reason the floor is warmer in that one spot or perhaps it is because it’s the furthest away from the back door and blocked by the island from any cold breeze or the view of entering kitty housemates. Whatever, the reason, it is first-come, first-served, and no cat fits ensue from competition for the space. Yippee!

P.S. Tom calls our tortoise shell kitties (Astrid and C.J.) and the calico, Lily Olivia, committee cats for their no-two-alike coats.