Do you have a plan on how you will spend your summer? Maybe you’re planning on watching lots of birdie TV, chasing the red dot, hunting mousies, growing and nomming catnip or something else equally stimulating. All excellent purrsuits for sure but a bit more energy intensive than what Lily has planned.

As a 16-year-old Lily Olivia prefers to contemplate the inside of her eyelids.




This is Lily’s favorite, warm-weather pastime—lounging on the settee on the front porch. We call this “summer position.” She might change positions, move to one of the rockers or the porch floor, but that’s usually the extent of her efforts. Looks like a pretty good life to me. I wonder where I can sign up?

As it is Tuesday, Lily is happy to show you her tummy and her toesies while she enjoys her Doozy of a Snoozy.