Tabby Tummy Tuesday with Cooper Murphy

Wow, had I’d known that I was going to be maligned in such a cruel and insensitive manner, I am not certain I would have selected Kitties Blue to be my furmily. Well, it isn’t really Kitties Blue that are the problem. It’s the humans. First Dad Tom took this photo of me, and then the petretary turned it into two memes. Check these out for yourselves. As you can see, I was merely trying to air out my belly furs on a warm day.


memes - I'm not fat!


memes - I am not indiscreet.


No kitty should be treated with such disrespect, and especially not one with a cute heart right on his belly. My humans should delight in my sharing that with them.

The petretary wants me to ask you to tell us in comments which of these memes you like best. If you are my friend, you will tell her, “neither.” Please stick up for this itty-bitty, tabby boy. And if possible, please send treats. I am fairly certain I won’t be getting any from my humans in the near future.

Other News

Last week for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday Mom wrote another poem, “Yesterday,” about our angel sisfur, Fiona. She asked if she should add that poem to the sidebar. Those who responded said, “yes.” She added it yesterday, along with a new badge for Fiona and a statement about our blog being dedicated to her memory. This has brought Mom some comfort and peace. She has decided that this will remain as a permanent part of our blog. We hope you won’t mind seeing this each time you visit.

Thanks for stopping by to see me.

Purrs and paw-pats, Cooper Murphy