Sunpuddle Snoozing

When we got up yesterday morning the temperature was in the 40s. That’s our coolest to date for this fall. Some kitty snuggling was happening. When a glorious large and warm sunpuddle appeared on the kitchen floor the competition to occupy it heated up.




Some tortie kitty decided to go one better and sit right on the window sill as the sun streamed through.That’s Astrid’s shadow to the left of Lisbeth’s head, and that’s about as close as these two get these days.

Lisbeth occupied most of the sunpuddle as she stretched out. Her size belies the delicate flower that she is. With Fiona’s diminishing size, she needed very little space to take advantage of the warmth. I thought it was super cute how the girls had their back legs interwoven.

I had thought that Fiona was gaining some weight and doing fairly well, but she has been quite puny the last few days. She sees Dr. Neel on Thursday, so we’ll have a better idea of her prognosis. She’ll report back to all of you on Friday or Saturday. A few extra purrs and prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Saying Good-Bye

It is with heavy hearts that we say good-bye to our friend, Texas (Texas, a Parisian Cat in America), who recently earned his angel wings. Some of you my not have known Texas as his blogging has been sporadic the past couple of years.

In remembrance of him, Lisbeth asked that I share this photo. Prior to dating Cat Scout Charles and becoming his girl friend Lisbeth was escorted by Texas to Sammy‘s 2013 Halloween Costume Party. Here is their photo from that occasion.




Rest in Peace, Texas. We will miss you, but we know we’ll see you again.