Toesy Tuesday


What a terrific Tuesday it is when we can share a little bit of tabby tongue, toes, tummy and tail. Not having a tabby in the family since our sweet MacKenzie (another orange boy) left us in 2011, it is a treat to have this opportunity.

A call from another person hoping to claim Cooper Murphy as her lost cat had me in fear once again that we’d lose him. After much back and forth with phone calls and photos, and our trying to convince this lady that Cooper Murphy was not her three-year-old cat, Simba, she still asked to come see him. Before that could happen, she sent us a photo of Simba, pointing out that he has two freckles on his nose. (She could have started with that detail!) We sent an enlarged photo of Cooper Murphy’s freckleless nose to her. Another CATastrophe averted.

Check out these new photos of our catty cutie.


Cooper Murphy-2 - ginger tabby

Cooper Murphy-5 - ginger tabby


Not only can Cooper nap like a champ, but he also has mastered waving and giving a razzleberry at the same time. Crockett (Lone Star Cats) better watch out. He could have some competition from the new kid when it comes to his signature tongue displays.

Please feel free to squeee or snorgle at will!

I want all these people who have lost their precious, ginger tabbies to find them, but not at our expense of losing our new best friend and family member. He is the perfect addition to the Kitties Blue gang, and we have fallen in love.

Today is Change a Pet’s Life Day? We hope we did that for Cooper Murphy.

Thank you, Fiona, for guiding this blessing to us.



Tortie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy with Tummy, Toesies and Tail


tummy, toes and tail


As the title indicates, I managed to cover all my bases with this one photo! This is my favorite place and preferred position for snoozing, which means I often show off all my essential parts, tummy, toesies and tail. Oops! I just realized my toofies and tongue are missing. MOUSES! Dang, I may have failed, but I’m still cute. Right?

Anyhoo, if you didn’t know, this nice, fleecy blankie belongs to Mauricio. It was a gift from Allie. I am very lucky to be the baby of the family ’cause Mau never gets mad when I sleep on it. He rather sleep on top of one of the humans or between the two of them. And he likes to sleep horizontally to take up the most space possible.

Mau’s blankie is at the foot of the bed on Mom’s side, so I am her official feeties warmer. It’s nice to know that even when I am snoozing away, I can be useful and appreciated. Of course, one of my duties is to curl up against Mom’s back and purr her to sleep, so I only snooze on the blanket prior to bedtime and after she falls asleep.

Now, as to my tummy. If you’d like to kiss or snorgle it, I won’t protest….just as long as you do not awaken me with your mushiness.

Before signing off, Mom asked me to let y’all know that Fiona has her monthly check-up with Dr. Neel this afternoon. Fiona promises to give everyone an update on how she’s doing on either Thursday or Friday. Right now she is curled up in Dad’s lap having her own doozy of a snoozy.

Purrs and paw-pats, Calista Jo



Toesy Tuesday Dreaming Doozy of a Snoozy

Of any of the Kitties Blue, none can snooze longer or more soundly than I can. I suppose being 17 years old has something to do with that. I also can sleep anywhere.


dreaming of pizza.


Here I am sleeping on an insulated bag, which is meant to bring cold or hot foods home from the supermarket. But mostly our dad uses it to bring home pizza. If the pizza box was on the counter, I’d be sleeping on that. I even think there is a photo of me doing so. But now we have this warming drawer, so the pizza in its box goes there when Dad gets home. Very disappointing.

Well…wasn’t that just fascinating. NOT!

Mom and Dad spent Sunday and Monday wallpapering so things around here have been pretty boring. That’s why I couldn’t come up with a more interesting post. At least I have given you an excellent view of several of my toesies. That alone should make this post worth viewing.

Our Spam Problems

Te petretary asked me to let all those using a self-hosted WordPress platform that in almost all cases the comments we made yesterday on those blogs disappeared. Mom sent e-mails to several of you, but that was taking up too much time so she stopped. We suspect some of you have our comments in your spam folders. If you find that is the case, will you please retrieve and approve them. That’s the only way we can put a stop to our comments being blocked.

Many thanks on behalf of the petretary and all the Kitties Blue.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia


As the temperatures go up, Lily Olivia’s summer position becomes more exaggerated. It’s not even summer yet, but we’ve already had temperatures in the mid-90s F. And Lily Olivia has reached her full-stretch.


Tummy-Toesy Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


She can spend hours in this position spread across the settee or double rocker on the front porch. I don’t know what she is going to do with herself when the temperature increases even more by mid-summer. Maybe I will be able to convince her to come inside where the A/C is running.

As Lily is showing off her toes in her snoozy photo, she thought you might like another photo of them.


Tummy-Toesy Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy


It always amuses her dad when Lily Olivia sits with all four feet lined up. I know you want to kiss those cute toes, but watch yourself. You could lose an eye when Lily freaks out and then lashes out. Lily Olivia loves kisses on her head, and she will gladly give me kisses all over my face. I just have to ask. But those toes are off-limits. She doesn’t even like me touching them!

silverribbonBefore signing off today, we want to send our condolences to all the families and friends of those who lost their lives in Orlando over the weekend. We also are sending all our purrs and prayers to those who are still fighting for their lives. This continued violence saddens us and makes our hearts hurt.


Tuxie/Toesy Doozy of a Snoozy Tuesday


Brothers make the Best Pillows


Five of the seven girls love their brother, Mau. Lily Olivia is not a fan; though, she has been caught snuggling when she doesn’t realize it’s him. The kitty who likes him least is his actual sister, Misty May. But then, Misty May doesn’t really like anyone but her dad and me.

Mauricio is almost always obliging and will snuggle or bathe any of the other girls who ask. And he’ll always wrestle with Calista Jo at mealtimes. So capturing Lisbeth and Mau like this was no surprise…but still cute! Go ahead a say, “ahh.” You know you want to!

We Were First!

We are great fans of our pal, Sammy’s, Tuesday Teaser. We rarely know the locale in the photos; though, we were the only right guesser a few weeks back. Well last Tuesday, like most other Tuesdays, we did not know the Teaser…but, we were the first to comment. Sammy gives an award for that as well. Here’s what we received.




What made this award extra special was that we didn’t have to share it with anyone else! Yippee! Thanks, Sammy. It’s lots of fun and a good way to wake up your brain!

If you are unfamiliar with Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser, visit his blog today, onespoiledcat, and check it out. It’s lots of fun and a good way to wake up your brain!


Surprise, surprise! The dynamic duo of tuxie Mauricio and tortie Astrid are together again. They are in THE BOWL. This has become the preferred napping spot for several of the pusses. But this is a first…a bowl for two! Mauricio doesn’t really fit in the bowl by himself. But that didn’t stop his shadow from shoving in with him. And it didn’t stop him from giving her a bath.


Mauricio and Astrid share the antique dough bowl "bed"

Mauricio bathes Astrid as they crowd together in the antique dough bowl.


The bowl competition is liable to get heated as the colder weather sets in and none of the gang want to spend time on the catio. Their dad suggested we may need to start checking antique shows and shops for more wooden dough bowls. He doesn’t have to twist my arm. One of my favorite places to shop is Black Dog Salvage. If you get the DIY network (we don’t), you may have seen this place on the program Salvage Dawgs. They are located close enough for us to walk, and I don’t need truck to get bowls home!

I know even if we get extra bowls, Astrid will always seek out Mauricio. So, at most, we’ll only need six more bowls and someplace to put them all!

Giveaway Reminder

women who still love cats too muchWe are giving away two copies of the book, Women Who Still Love Cats Too Much, by Allia Sobel Nolan. It is 80-pages of fun and oh-so-true one-liners with colorful illustrations by Nicole Hollander. I guarantee if you’ve ever had a relationship with a cat, you will recognize yourself in this book and LOL as you do so. For an opportunity to win, click here to read my review and leave a comment. The giveaway is open to readers worldwide. Comments must be left by Friday, November 13, at 5 p.m. EDT.




Disclaimer: This was supposed to be a final post about Mom and Dad’s trip to BlogPaws. Because of a super busy schedule yesterday, they haven’t even unpacked all the kitty swag or assembled the prize Mom won from the hauspanther Cat Style Lounge. So…the final BlogPaws post will occur on Thursday. Please accept our apologies.

Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy

Some of us were less than enthusiastic to see the humans when they arrived home Sunday evening. Even though it was time to eat and we were anxious for dinner, we had to give them a bit of the back-of-disrespect treatment (especially Astrid) for abandoning us to spend time with other anipals. But they won us over immediately when they got out this Kitty Kush catnip grinder and started making little piles of finely ground nip for each of us. Nirvana!

By yesterday morning all was back to normal…well almost. Our catio time was mostly nonexistent due to men with chainsaws occupying our backyard and noise polluting our neighborhood. They started the removal of a 50-foot elm tree shading Dad’s solar panels. That was halted when the torrential rain with thunder and lighting began. Not sure which caused the most noise, but we didn’t care for either, and those tree stealers will be back tomorrow.


Tuesday doozy of a snoozy


At least for Mauricio and Astrid, the day was not a washout. They enjoyed a Tortie/Tuxie Tuesday Doozy of a Snoozy in Mom’s lap. Astrid even added some precious, pink toe beans for all the Toesy Tuesday fans. 

Mau is never happy when he has to share a lap as you can see from the expression on his face. But 90 purrcent of the time, Astrid will try to join him if he has claimed one of the human’s laps. He’s tolerating her as most of her body is on the counter. Mom is also purrleased by that as together they weigh more than 22 pounds. bet you can guess who the heavy-weight is!

Thank You

Thanks to everyone who joined Frank for our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We are still working on visiting each blog and promise to get to all of you by the end of the week.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


Do you have a plan on how you will spend your summer? Maybe you’re planning on watching lots of birdie TV, chasing the red dot, hunting mousies, growing and nomming catnip or something else equally stimulating. All excellent purrsuits for sure but a bit more energy intensive than what Lily has planned.

As a 16-year-old Lily Olivia prefers to contemplate the inside of her eyelids.




This is Lily’s favorite, warm-weather pastime—lounging on the settee on the front porch. We call this “summer position.” She might change positions, move to one of the rockers or the porch floor, but that’s usually the extent of her efforts. Looks like a pretty good life to me. I wonder where I can sign up?

As it is Tuesday, Lily is happy to show you her tummy and her toesies while she enjoys her Doozy of a Snoozy.




Since I have proclaimed myself King (of the Sunday Selfies), I have decided to feature myself again today with a classic tummy shot. As an extra treat, I have thrown in some toesies as well.




As you can see, I am distracted with my nip nanner, so I probably wouldn’t notice if you planted a kiss on my tummy or toes. Come on…go ahead! You know you want to.

Kitties Blue are not back to reading and commenting full-time. We are, however, working our way through the blogs with submissions to our Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. We so appreciate all of you who joined us. This coming Sunday and for several after, Kitties Blue will be featuring selfies of some special friends. I protested boisterously, but was overruled by the woman who thinks she decides what is published on this blog. I am currently plotting my revenge!

She’s also forcing me to allow Lisbeth to take over tomorrow for Wordless Wednesday. I think the woman better make certain all her shoes are put away in the closet.

Purrs and pawpats, Mauricio, King of the Selfies


Really? How rude! That title was Dad’s idea, and the typist thought it was cute. How could she?


Floofy, long-haird grey cat lying on her back with all four paws in the air.


I can get up anytime I want. I am just showing off by extra floofy tummy and my substantial paws for your pleasure on Tummy and Toesy Tuesday.

Did you know that today (March 3) is: If Your Pets Had Thumbs Day? If I had thumbs, I would take over writing this post right now and rename it: “Meet the World’s Most Gorgeous, Smart and Floofilicious Cat with the Expressive Eyes!” I am every one of those things and more! (No, that more is not my size. It’s the camera angle that makes me look like a fuzzy dirigible.) I will admit that I appear to need my floof brushed. Hey, if I had those thumbs, I could do that for myself as well as open cat treat packages.

Hmmm, I believe I will need to think about this idea of thumbs for a bit. If I could brush myself and get my own treats, I could also scoop my own litter box.

Nope, don’t need to think about it. NO THUMBS FOR ME! I’d rather have the humans wait on me and do all the dirty work! I’ll just roll around on this heated kitchen floor and look adorable.

How about you: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Purrs and paw-pats, Giulietta