Caturday Art Blog Hop

Living in a house that is over one hundred years’ old does not provide us with many sunpuddles. Most sunpuddles occur in the kitchen where the humans had large windows installed when they renovated. With a southern exposure and autumn stripping the leaves from nearby trees, the sunpuddles can be plentiful on a clear day.

While my housemates are outside on the front porch or watching the birds and squirrels from the Catio, I have all the sunpuddles to myself.

After a busy afternoon of performing my duty as self-appointed fly catcher, I sprawled out and luxuriated in this sunpuddle before settling in for a snooze.

Sunpuddle Saturday with Astrid

As I am a stunning tortie girl and the shadows in the original photo are already blotting out some of my fabulous furs and one eye, I didn’t allow Mom to fuss and fiddle too much. Those of you who regularly follow us know that Mom will continue to tinker and manipulate our Caturday Art photos until she’s used nearly every photo program and filter available. I demanded that she stick with our usual photo editing program, Picasa, and only allowed her to “warmify” my photo and add the “pixelate” filter (with large rectangles so as not to obliterate my loveliness) and the frame.

I am dedicating this Saturday Sunpuddle Caturday Art to my sweet Sampy at Kitty Cat Chronicles and sending him a proliferation of kisses.

We are participating in Athena and Marie’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. You can click on the badge at the left to visit and add your own Caturday Art.

Book Winner

Concatulations to Mom Ellen and the gang at 15 and Meowing. They were the winners of the book, A Cat With Three Tales by Karen Rieser.  We hope they enjoy it!


Mom asked me to to tell you about the super colossal giveaway we are having for five copies Kate Funk’s book, The Best Cat Book Ever with AC the Cat. Plus, there will be 50 postcard booklets given away. You almost can be guaranteed to win something if you leave a comment. Click here to do so.

Tomorrow is the day y’all wait for so you can show off your selfies. We invite all our furiends to join us for Sunday Selfies. If you haven’t done so yet, what are you waiting for? It is super fun.

So I guess that’s it! Hope y’all have a snoozy, sunpuddle Saturday.

Purrs & paw-pats, Astrid