The Best Cat Book Ever

The Best Cat Book Ever by author and photographer, Kate Funk, with AC the Cat is fun and funky. The moment I opened it, I began smiling and didn’t stop.

Kate and black cat AC (short for Annoying Customer) have created a picture book filled with full-color photos of AC modeling unusual and fanciful costumes while posing in dioramas.

Each outfit and backdrop were designed and created by Kate who then set the scenes and took the photos.

AC, sporting a perpetual look of distain, appears in a far-ranging array of costumes from the abominable snowman, to a peacock, Santa Claus and even Godzilla. With each new look comes new specially-designed surroundings. In many instances we get a peek at Kate’s original drawings and notes made on graph or notebook paper. I was fascinated to see Kate’s process of working from simple drawings and descriptions to create each unique costume and vignette.

The first few pages of The Best Cat Book Ever tell Kate’s story as a young girl and lover of all things cat. We learn of her yearning for a black cat and her visit to a no-kill shelter where she meets and adopts AC in 2006. She confesses that AC reminded her a bit of herself, calling him “…a loner, and a bit of a weirdo.” You’ll also find out the progression of how a birthday card, featuring AC, created for a friend morphed into a calendar and finally into this delight of a book, which can be enjoyed by cat lovers of all ages.

Kate Funk lives and works in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She attended the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she earned a BFA in photography.

 Now for the exciting part of this review: Five lucky readers leaving a comment on this post will be selected, using, to win a copy of The Best Cat Book Ever. Additionally, 50 others will receive a booklet of postcards featuring four of Funk’s designs featuring AC. Those leaving a comment prior to Monday, November 3, at 5 p.m. will be entered in the giveaway. 

The Kindle & Nook versions of the book are currently available on for $8.81. The hardcover edition is scheduled for release on October 28, and is available for pre-order from both sellers for $10.01. It is definitely worth the one-week wait to have the hardcover edition.

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the hardcover edition of The Best Cat Book Ever in order to review it as well as three postcard booklets. All opinions expressed are my own.

Please join us tomorrow for our announcement of the winner of the book, A Cat With Three Tales.


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