Mauricio and Fiona were snuggled together on one of the cat beds. I do not know who joined whom as they both enjoy this bed. But this was a first to find them together. It appeared as if they were settling in for a nice nap until Mauricio decided to sniff Fiona’s face. That ended the camaraderie as Fiona was “out of there,” and the impending doozy of a snoozy was aborted.




Thank you from Astrid and Lisbeth

Our special Birthday Sunday Selfies Blog Hop was a huge success. We had 61 entrants (including our own) and several new participants. So many of you decorated your selfie and/or wished the girls Happy Birthday on your blog. Astrid and Lisbeth were thrilled. Kitties Blue are working on visiting each of you, and I promise we’ll get to everyone by the end of the week.

Astrid and Lisbeth had a terrific birthday yesterday. They received their stinky goodness breakfast toped with several Temptations treats. It was cleaning day and Chris brought Friskie’s crunchy Party Mix, some Fancy Feast stinky goodness and a huge bunch of fresh, homegrown catnip. I doubt they wanted to share, but everybody got to enjoy some of the goodies. She spoils them whenever she comes to clean or act as their caregiver.

And they received these extra special birthday cards from Astrid’s boyfriend, Sampy, and his fursibs from Kitty Cat Chronicles.

Both girls send lots of love to Delilah, Sampy, Caster, Sophie and Sassy. Astrid sends her beloved Sampy a bajillion kisses as well.





Dad Tom is working on his special gift for them and mine is in transit. We are hoping they like these things as much as they enjoyed what Chris brought.

They Call Me Destiny Giveaway

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