by Janet Blue on August 16, 2015

As I announced yesterday, Astrid and Lisbeth will celebrate their fourth birthdays tomorrow. We usually do not post on Mondays, so they are celebrating today by hosting Sunday Selfies with fancy, birthday photos.


Lisbeth and Astrid shortly after joining the Kitties Blue household.

Though the girls are not related, they were raised together in foster care by Lisbeth’s mom, Tuxie. Astrid and her brother Bobby were found abandoned on a roof and eventually placed with Tuxie. I discovered Astrid (Tabitha) on PetFinder. When Tom and I went to meet her, we also met Lisbeth (Cary) and several other kittens. At the time, Tabitha and Cary were closely bonded, and so we adopted them together.

As I have shared in other posts, the two of them no longer care for each other. We really have no idea exactly how or when this happened. It saddens us as they were so precious together.

Rumor has it that the girls are going to be getting some pretty terrific birthday gifts, one from me and one from their dad. I will reveal these and their reactions in a future post.

Sunday Selfies Week #53

In celebration of their birthdays, I have helped Astrid and Lisbeth decorate their selfies for today’s blog hop. They hope you will consider decorating your selfie in a celebratory manner as well. This, of course, is not a requirement in order to join the hop.





All Kitties Blue and I would like to thank everyone who has joined our blog hop or visited our site during the past year of Sunday Selfies. As we begin year two, it would give us great pleasure if you would continue to support and join us as well as invite your friends. As you know, critters of all species are welcome and encouraged to join. We do not discriminate against those who are different than we are but embrace the opportunity to make new friends.


If you have difficulty adding your link, leave us a comment with that info, and I will do my best to add it for you. If you want to add the hop photos to your blog, the code is below. You need to add it in the text window of your post. If you should decide to do this, please link to The Cat on My Head and/or display our Sunday Selfies badge.

They Call Me Destiny Giveaway

Our giveaway for a copy of the book, They Call Me Destiny by Fern Field Brooks continues. If you’d like the opportunity to win and haven’t as yet left a comment, you can do so here.

Have a great Easy Sunday.

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jansfunnyfarm August 17, 2015 at 12:55 pm

Happy birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth!
jansfunnyfarm recently posted…Bored Into a ComaMy Profile


ATCAD August 17, 2015 at 6:05 am

Happy Purrday Astrid and Lisbeth!!!!!!

We love your selfies and think they look gorgeous with the decorations. Scylla is sorry she didn’t do a selfie yesterday for your birthday celebration, she felt more like playing hide n seek.
ATCAD recently posted…Mancat MondayMy Profile


Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles August 17, 2015 at 12:01 am

Happy Birthday Lisbeth!!

Happy Birthday, Astrid!!

Those are the codes for birthday cards we commissioned meowmy to make fur you!
We hope you like them:)
And so sorry we are late…sigh…we think you already know the usual excuses, MOL! We also hope you had a furtastic day!

Now we have to go and join the selfies hop…


Pipo/Minko/MrJackFreckles August 17, 2015 at 12:08 am

We sent you a message via your contact page as well, in case these images don’t work for you…MIAOW!


Melissa, Mudpie & Angel Truffles August 16, 2015 at 6:32 pm

Happy birthday, beautiful girls! Can’t wait to see your prezzies 🙂
Melissa, Mudpie & Angel Truffles recently posted…Mudpie’s First #SundaySelfieMy Profile


The Painter Pack August 16, 2015 at 5:34 pm

Happy birthday! My kitty girls and doggie girls wish the happiest of days! Purrs and woofs!

The Painter Pack
The Painter Pack recently posted…My little “Helpers”: Saturday EditionMy Profile


Maxwell Faraday and Allie August 16, 2015 at 4:38 pm

Happy, happy bird-day girls!!!!!
Maxwell Faraday and Allie recently posted…Sunday’s Shelter #Selfie: MUNCHIE!My Profile


Raven August 16, 2015 at 3:23 pm

Happy birthday to two beautiful girls.
Raven recently posted…Purrfect CaturdayMy Profile


The Swiss Cats August 16, 2015 at 3:09 pm

Happy Birthday dear Astrid and Lisbeth ! We wish you a wonderful day filled with treats and cuddles ! Purrs
The Swiss Cats recently posted…8 photos de bonheur pour mon anniversaireMy Profile


Create With Joy August 16, 2015 at 2:01 pm

Happy Birthday dear Astrid and Lisbeth! You are in good company as our Mom is celebrating her special day too! 🙂
Create With Joy recently posted…Friendship Friday Blog Party & Social Media Boost 185My Profile


speedyrabbit August 16, 2015 at 1:38 pm

Happy Birthday for tomorrow,xx Speedy
speedyrabbit recently posted…Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Bailey Boat Cat August 16, 2015 at 1:24 pm

Happy Birthday dear Astrid and Lisbeth! I hope you have a pawesome day and the rest of my sib-furs spoil you both rotten. I love both of your selfies! Beautiful girls =^.^=
Bailey Boat Cat recently posted…Sailor SelfieMy Profile


Caren Gittleman August 16, 2015 at 1:09 pm

Happy Happy Early Birthday girls!!!!!
Caren Gittleman recently posted…International Homeless Animals Day #IHADMy Profile


Noodle August 16, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Happy, happy birthday Astrid and Lisbeth!
Have a super duper Sunday…

Noodle and crew


Dezi and Lexi August 16, 2015 at 12:33 pm

Happy Meowday bootyful girlys. Yous loookin’ luvvly today. We can’t wait to hear all ’bout yous purrezzys. Hope yous Meowday is purrfect. Have a gweat one.

Luv ya’

Dezi and Lexi
Dezi and Lexi recently posted…Blest SundayMy Profile


Sherri-Ellen T-D. August 16, 2015 at 12:17 pm

Mee-you lookin fine there Astrid an Lisbeth! Happy 4th Birthdayss to you both!
Wee iss so happy that wee decided to post Sunday Selfie also!! Woo Hoo…
Can you pleeze ask Aunty janet to linky us up to thee Bloggie Hop??
Happy Birthday Gurlss!
***paw patss*** Siddhartha Henry an ((hugss)) LadyMum xxxxxxx
Sherri-Ellen T-D. recently posted…Innycent Sunday Selfie getting mee *easy on*My Profile


Flynn August 16, 2015 at 11:05 am

Happy Birthday Astrid and Lisbeth. I am sorry I haven’t joined you this week. It is my mum’s fault. She used her birthday as an excuse to desert me all day yesterday and then she didn’t come home until nearly light o’clock. As if that wasn’t bad enough, then she didn’t get out of bed until late today.
Flynn recently posted…Eric’s Day Flashback – Stalking our prey.My Profile


Dory's Backyard August 16, 2015 at 10:42 am

We hope you have the bestest birthdays ever!!!
Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
Dory’s Backyard recently posted…Black and White Selfie Sunday!My Profile


Cathy Keisha August 16, 2015 at 10:32 am

Happy Birthday Lisbeth and Astrid! May you have many more.
Cathy Keisha recently posted…80 Percent Black PanfurMy Profile


Savannah's Paw Tracks August 16, 2015 at 10:18 am

Many Happy Feturns Astrid and Losbeth. We adopted a brother and sister also very bonded but by year two they no longer slept curled with each other and stopped washing each other’s face. Tasha, tortie female, began hissing at her brother Boris. It was so sad. Hay Savvy joined to celebrate your special day
Savannah’s Paw Tracks recently posted…Why Humans Take Photos of Cats’ TonguesMy Profile


Lola and Lexy August 16, 2015 at 10:13 am

Happy Birthday, girls! We’re sorry we can’t participate this week again. Mommy’s job gets in the way of us having fun on Sundays. We have to make sure she gets up earlier.
Lola and Lexy recently posted…It’s Clear The Shelters Day! #ClearTheSheltersMy Profile


pam (Sidewalk Shoes) August 16, 2015 at 10:12 am

Happy Birthday!!! It’s a shame you two don’t get along any more!
pam (Sidewalk Shoes) recently posted…Llano Estacado Chardonnay 2013My Profile


LadyBird August 16, 2015 at 10:09 am

Happy Birthday!!!
LadyBird recently posted…I wish Happy Birthday to Astrid & Lisbeth!My Profile


Annabelle August 16, 2015 at 10:01 am

A very happy birthday wish(es) for both Astrid and Lisbeth! You sure made those special girls shine today in their Sunday Selfies!
Concats on the start of Year 2 in SS!! This is a lot of fun and we look forward to seeing all the selfies each week.
Annabelle recently posted…#sundayselfieMy Profile


Dolly the Doxie August 16, 2015 at 9:52 am

Happy birthday girls! It’s great to meet you, I have a kitty brofur named Rhette that you’ve already met. I am so excited about joining #SundaySelfies thanks for being all inclusive.

It’s too bad you don’t get along any more. Mom had two cats like that, Peaches and Herb. They were quite close early on but most likely due to all of Peaches’ emergency illnesses, surgeries, resulting in lots of attention from mom may have put Herb off of her some. Who knows. Cats! Love Dolly
Dolly the Doxie recently posted…Sandy #SundaySelfieMy Profile


The Island Cats August 16, 2015 at 9:33 am

Happy Birthday, Lizbeth and Astrid! We hope your day is purrrfect!
The Island Cats recently posted…Easy E Selfie SundayMy Profile


Jan K August 16, 2015 at 9:10 am

Happy, Happy Birthday, girls! Those are some beautiful birthday selfies. Wow, we can’t believe the Sunday Selfies hop is a year old already…congrats on it’s success!
Jan K recently posted…Sunday Selfies – No CooperationMy Profile


Ellen Pilch August 16, 2015 at 9:01 am

Happy Birthday to 2 beauties! That is sad they don’t like one another anymore- maybe someday they will again.
Ellen Pilch recently posted…Selfie Sunday with JoanieMy Profile


Toby & Leia August 16, 2015 at 8:47 am

Happy birthday, ladies.


Brian August 16, 2015 at 8:43 am

Those are beautiful selfies from beautiful girls! Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Astrid and Lisbeth from all of us!
Brian recently posted…Easy Sunday is Selfie SundayMy Profile


Peaches & Paprika August 16, 2015 at 8:42 am

Happy Fourth, girls! We posted a birthday card for your on our site. Its not every day 2 kitties have a 4th together! Being cat girls ourselves, we know these “love” things wax and wane so hope 1 day you’ll reunite again! But we guess you’re happy kitties and feeling secure in Mom’s love!
Peaches & Paprika recently posted…Happy Birthday Lisbeth & Astrid from…US!My Profile


Laila and Minchie August 16, 2015 at 8:38 am

Great idea to decorate our selfies!
Laila and Minchie recently posted…Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Annie August 16, 2015 at 8:25 am

Happy Birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth! You both look beautiful in your birthday selfies! Your kitten picture is precious. Thanks to all of you for hosting this blog hop! We enjoy it so much!

Looking forward to seeing your presents!
Annie recently posted…Sunday SelfiesMy Profile


Kitty Cat Chronicles August 16, 2015 at 8:10 am

What a fun Sunday Selfies day! Lisbeth and Astrid, you two were so adorable. And you are both so very gorgeous now! Sampy is excited to be celebrating his beloved Astrid’s birthday tomorrow and has a gift for her, though he doesn’t think it will be getting to her by tomorrow. He apologizes for that, but wants Astrid to know that he is thinking of her and misses her and is sending a kiss for every birthday that’s ever happened to anyone!!!
We are all sending lots of love and hugs too, especially to the birthday girls.
Happy Birthday, Lisbeth and Astrid!!!


Cat Scout Charles August 16, 2015 at 7:51 am

♪ღ♪░H░A░P░P░Y░ B░I░R░T░H░D░A░Y░░♪ღ♪
Ms Astrid & Ms Lisbeth ♪ღ

Purrs, Hugs & loads of Kisses to my sweetheart Ms L
Scout Charles


The Florida Furkids August 16, 2015 at 7:30 am

Happy Birthday Astrid and Lisbeth. We love your selfies and we hope your birthdays are purrfect!

The Florida Furkids with extra smoochies and love to Mau from Allie
The Florida Furkids recently posted…Sunday Selfies with EllieMy Profile


Charles Huss August 16, 2015 at 6:59 am

Happy birthday to Astrid and Lisbeth. Hope your day is a special one.
Charles Huss recently posted…Photo Friday: SmileMy Profile


Austin Towers August 16, 2015 at 6:23 am

Happy happy Birthday Astrid and Lisbeth! I expect you will get some nice surprises! 🙂 I love the Sunday Selfies and try to join in most weeks!! xoxoxoxox
Austin Towers recently posted…A Sunday Selfie with whiskers and dust!My Profile


Sammy August 16, 2015 at 5:47 am

Happy Birthday Girls! I wonder what your Mom and Dad have for you……I think it might be spectacular!!!

Love, Sammy
Sammy recently posted…Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Harvey, Miranda and Silver August 16, 2015 at 5:10 am

back later with a proper message – Just wanted to say you were outbid in the auction
Harvey, Miranda and Silver recently posted…Sunday Selfie with HarveyMy Profile


Kjelle Bus aka Charlie Rascal August 16, 2015 at 4:43 am

Happy Birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth!
You both look grreat in your birthdy selfies <3



Earl Lover August 16, 2015 at 4:36 am

Wow, double birthdays!!! Happy birthday!!!
Earl Lover recently posted…He Knows He’s HandsomeMy Profile


Athena and Marie August 16, 2015 at 4:08 am

Happy Birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth! Hope you have a fun day. Looking forward to seeing your presents!

Purrs xx
Athena and Marie
Athena and Marie recently posted…Caturday ArtMy Profile


Summer August 16, 2015 at 2:41 am

Happy birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth! I hope that someday, you two will decide to be pals again.
Summer recently posted…Saturday Catinee: Big Cats Keeping It CoolMy Profile


Lone Star Cats August 16, 2015 at 2:10 am

Happy birthday y’all!
Lone Star Cats recently posted…Eight Photos of HappinessMy Profile


Gattina August 16, 2015 at 1:59 am

Happy birthday to them, they almost look like Ying and Yang ! The sefies are beautiful !
Gattina recently posted…CAT SELFIESMy Profile


Penelope August 16, 2015 at 1:04 am

Mist excellent birthday selfies Astrid and Lisbeth!
Now mes shall sings yous the song!!!
*•.¸¸♪♫•Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•¸¸.•*
¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday Dear Astrid and Lisbeth!!!!! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•
¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♪♫•
Penelope recently posted…Guests on Selfie SundayMy Profile


Peaches & Paprika August 16, 2015 at 8:39 am

Penelope…we gotta know how youze do doze NOTES!!! Luv them.
Peaches & Paprika recently posted…Happy Birthday Lisbeth & Astrid from…US!My Profile


Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101) August 16, 2015 at 12:40 am

Happy birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth and congrats to mom on a successful year one of the hop. Purrs from Layla, Merlin, Domino, Odin and the very naughty Nou Nou.
Layla Morgan Wilde (Cat Wisdom 101) recently posted…World’s Oldest, Longest and Shortest Cats +My Profile


Emma and Buster August 16, 2015 at 12:31 am

Hello kitties we’re joining the selfies today.
Emma and Buster recently posted…Sunday SelfieMy Profile


Patricia August 16, 2015 at 12:30 am

Happy birthday, ladies.Hope you get lots of treats and nip.
Patricia recently posted…It’s a party…My Profile


McGuffy's Reader August 16, 2015 at 12:29 am

Happy day, girls! And congratulations on one year of selfies! We love you! ☺❤
McGuffy’s Reader recently posted…Tree Climbing for BeginnersMy Profile


meowmeowmans August 16, 2015 at 12:28 am

Happy birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth! We hope your day is extra special, and that you have lots of fun celebrating YOU. 🙂

Hugs ad headbonks,

Moosey, Gracie and Zoe
meowmeowmans recently posted…Easy Like Selfie Sunday 🙂My Profile


prancer pie August 16, 2015 at 12:17 am

Happy 4th Birthday Astrid and Lisbeth!
Your selfies are beautifully decorated. Well done!
prancer pie recently posted…Sunday Selfies – PrincetonMy Profile


Katnip Lounge August 16, 2015 at 12:09 am

A DOUBLE Birthday Selfie Sunday!!!!!! Life doesn’t get any better than this. Have a Happy One, and we can’t wait to see your pressies!
Katnip Lounge recently posted…Amazing GrayceMy Profile


Glogirly and Katie August 16, 2015 at 12:08 am

Happy Birthday, Astrid and Lisbeth! What a wonderful way to celebrate. Your #SundaySelfies blog hop is such a big success! You should be so very proud of brining of many animal lovers together.

Here’s to many more birthdays and many more selfies!
Glogirly and Katie recently posted…Take A Break Already #SundaySelfiesMy Profile


Clooney August 16, 2015 at 12:07 am

Happy Birthday Dear Astrid and Lisbeth! We hope you have an awesome B-Day and get spoiled silly, we bet your pressies will be great!

xoxo Clooney & Neytiri
(Cuddles to F & G from Clooney!)
Clooney recently posted…Sunday SelfiesMy Profile


Meows, purrs, hugs and MOLs are greatly appreciated. Please no hissing, spitting or scratching unless you want one of us to whap you!

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