So here’s how it has played out in good old SW Virginia during the last ten days. We reported to you about it snowing on April 4, ” Good gravy, that was a bummer.”

By Monday, April 8, we had an official temperature of 80 degrees. Tuesday it rose to 87 degrees and Wednesday to 90 degrees, breaking the previous April 10 record of 88. It has remained in the mid to upper 70s, which is a little more seasonable but still above our usual level of warmth.

In celebration, we’ve all been spending most of each day on our screened-in deck.

1-Image 4-002

“Here I am just chillin’ out .”

1-Image 3-002

“Hey, that looks like Dad’s water bottle. Maybe I can stretch far enough to snag it. Those squashy nipples are really fun to chew on.”

1-Image 2-001

“I expended  so much energy trying to get that water bottle, I think I need a little nap!”

1-Image 1-003

“I’m almost comfy enough to doze off.”

1-Image-007“Mom wanted to show me from a different angle so you could see my tail. Do you recognize this spot? It’s my favorite, and I always try to get to it first. It’s where I was sitting in the Wordless Wednesday photo Cat & Squirrel. No squirrels here now so I’m off to dreamland.”

Hope all of you have as easy a Sunday as I plan to have.

Purrs and hugs, Lisbeth