I don’t know how it happened as it wasn’t my intent. But, today became Fiona Friday.

Fiona really doesn’t like not knowing where I am. And if she knows my location, she is quite persistent in her efforts to be with me. She will scratch at the closed door and meyowl continuously. So what started out innocently enough by me escalated into an all-out Fiona Day of Neediness.

It was raining early this morning, and the kids were looking bored, except Astrid and Calista who were chasing each other non-stop from the deck through the house and back again and leaving wet kitty paw prints everywhere.

I thought maybe some laser tag would offer a break from the doldrums and proceeded to make it dance around the foyer floor in front of  Fiona. She usually jumps right on it, scooting along the rug on her belly and slapping it with her paws or running at full speed so she passes it. She can keep this up long after I am worn out. Sis Giulietta is not that excited about the laser and so sat snoopervising from the dining room table.

To my astonishment Fiona batted at the beam a few times, then she plopped on her belly and just watched and watched and watched. I finally took the hint and put that toy away. I didn’t have any better luck with the fling-ama-string. She batted at it a couple of times, stood on the string and then walked away.

That was it for me. She was on her own to find some entertainment while I headed back to the computer. She followed me, found a mousey toy on the kitchen floor and played with it for a nano-second. Then, of course, she decided she needed to join me and watch me type. I figured since she was having such a bad case of rainy-day blahs that she would settle in my lap and nap quietly. Who was I kidding? Anybody reading this knows just how incredibly flawed my reasoning was. First, she needled* my stomach, then did her nose-under-my-hand-give-me-rubbies demand and otherwise made a huge pest of herself.

"Go away, I'm trying to nap."

Fiona: “Go away, I’m trying to nap. You’ve done nothing but pester me all morning”

Previously, I had decided to take the computer upstairs to the recliner as sitting at the kitchen counter for hours is really tough on my legs. When Fiona finally decided to get down, that’s what I did. I headed to the guest room, closed the door, turned on the air conditioner and settled in my chair.

Moments later, and I mean MOMENTS, Tom opened the door. Immediately, Fiona sauntered between his legs and joined me. I guess I should add here that the guest room is not a kitty-accessible room. They are only allowed in if invited by the guest in residence. That, of course, wouldn’t be Fiona as she DOES NOT like guests of any kind, even if she knows the person.

An exception to this rule of no kitties allowed was made in 2011 when I was laid up with a broken leg for five plus months. But, as often happens, I have digressed.

After a repeat of the behavior from the kitchen, Fiona decided that the clean laundry stacked on the bed looked like a great napping and then bathing spot. I was abandoned for a few, and I mean FEW, minutes.

And then…wait for it…she was back again. But, after giving me an up close and personal look at her tail end as she walked across the keyboard, she curled up next to me for a nap.

Ha…photo bomb! I told you I was trying to nap. MOL!

Ha…photo bomb! I told you I was trying to nap. MOL!

And that’s where we are now. Me typing and Fiona snuggled in keeping my left hip warm. Any day that includes a snuggle with your cat is a GREAT day, no matter how long and hard the road may be to get there.

Fiona has chastised me for using such fuzzy photos of her furtabulous self. In my defense, however, I took the photos with my iPhone while she was trying to hog the chair. And I have spared you several of her with the laundry that were even blurrier.

She has asked me to tell you know that she is never needy. (LOL from me.) And she demanded requested that I send you all some purrs and hugs from her for having to put up with what she says is my foolishness. So consider yourself kitty hugged.

* Needled: Kneading while using claws.