My inclination was to turn this photo blue as it is of Kitty Blue #1: Skooter. This is the first photograph we took of him, with some creative editing. I layered three effects from PicMonkey and one from Picasa.

Skooterkitten-001When we adopted Skooter, we had two, ancient, small dogs and no intention of opening our home to a cat. I suspect many other kitty bloggers out there never planned on having a kitty or two or more in their lives either. But even if we humans are unaware, some things are inevitable.

For several months a colleague of mine had been telling me about some kittens and begging me to adopt one. Just like our second kitty, Steamer, Skooter was the kitten of a pregnant mother taken in by this friend. I continued to resist until he spoke the words no animal lover wants to hear: “If I can’t find homes, they are going to the pound.”

So, of course, I was on his doorstep that very evening. First we met the kittens’ mom and dad, who just happened to be the neighbor’s un-neutered male, Tubby (and, boy was he ever). We finally found our soon to be first cat hiding under a chair on the front porch.

Skooter was about five months old according to our vet; though, I think he looks much younger than that in this photo. He was a gentle soul and with us for 14 1/2 years, until he suddenly became ill. He died that same day of congestive heart failure while being treated at the Vet. That was in 2001.

You can read a little more about Skooter on The Felines page. You can see additional photos of him by clicking on the Skooter tag at the end of this post.

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