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We are not only participating in the Caturday Art Blog Hop this weekend but also in The Saturday PhotoHunt. We haven’t done the latter in quite a while, but today’s theme, lacy, was easy to combine with our Caturday Art.


I featured Lisbeth a few Saturday’s back relaxing in this same chair on the Catio. It is a sought after napping spot. You can see that Fiona is displaying her frowny face and using a classic “stink-eye” to let me know her displeasure in having her photo taken. No surprise there! She was expecting some scritches. But look at those toesies. Aren’t they adorable? Couldn’t you just kiss them? Of course, you could.

Caturday Art Fiona LacyI first cropped the photo in Picasa. I then loaded it into fotor where I added the lacy frame and then a filter called VORTEX. I am keeping it simple this week, as I am busy with Mauricio at Cat Scouts this weekend. He’s on a Riverboat Trip on the Mississippi, which he will post about on Monday. He also will tell you a story, The Legend of MAUverick and Southern Belle Allie Scarlett.

I also won’t be starting our Sunday Selfie Blog Hop tomorrow, but I promise to have it set up by next Sunday. I will post Easy Like Sunday photos tomorrow featuring Misty May.

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My inclination was to turn this photo blue as it is of Kitty Blue #1: Skooter. This is the first photograph we took of him, with some creative editing. I layered three effects from PicMonkey and one from Picasa.

Skooterkitten-001When we adopted Skooter, we had two, ancient, small dogs and no intention of opening our home to a cat. I suspect many other kitty bloggers out there never planned on having a kitty or two or more in their lives either. But even if we humans are unaware, some things are inevitable.

For several months a colleague of mine had been telling me about some kittens and begging me to adopt one. Just like our second kitty, Steamer, Skooter was the kitten of a pregnant mother taken in by this friend. I continued to resist until he spoke the words no animal lover wants to hear: “If I can’t find homes, they are going to the pound.”

So, of course, I was on his doorstep that very evening. First we met the kittens’ mom and dad, who just happened to be the neighbor’s un-neutered male, Tubby (and, boy was he ever). We finally found our soon to be first cat hiding under a chair on the front porch.

Skooter was about five months old according to our vet; though, I think he looks much younger than that in this photo. He was a gentle soul and with us for 14 1/2 years, until he suddenly became ill. He died that same day of congestive heart failure while being treated at the Vet. That was in 2001.

You can read a little more about Skooter on The Felines page. You can see additional photos of him by clicking on the Skooter tag at the end of this post.

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This post also works for today’s Saturday Photos Hunters word: Colours.


Athena, Cat Goddess is trying to establish a new series entitled, Caturday Art Blog Hop. This will be her second posting, and we will be joining in this week.

But, of course, this is also the day for Saturday Photo Hunters, in which we occasionally like to pawticipate. Today’s theme is ripple. As it happens, we have some photos that will work for both of these themes so decided to do both today.

We shared a photo with you last August on a Wordless Wednesday. It was supposed to be part of a series entitled, Astrid Photo Experiment, but we have not shared another until now. So without further ado, here is Astrid Photo Experiment #2: Ripples.


If you are wondering where the ripples come in, we believe her furs, especially her tail furs look as if they are rippling.

We are all feeling a little miffed that Astrid is featured in two consecutive posts, but we’ll figure out some way to get back at her.

Have a terrific weekend.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


For years and years, the kitties living at our house begged the humans for a cat door. Mom always refused as she wanted to know who was in and who was out. As the older kitties went to the RB, we younger kitties were not given outdoor privileges, and the demand was tabled for lack of need. But then…the humans screened in the lower deck so the youngsters could have a catio and spend time outside like the older cats.

The catio required an exterior screen door. That meant Mom had to open two doors whenever Lily, Mauricio or Misty May wanted to go out. And so, voila, an electronic cat door for Lily, Mauricio and Misty May was installed in the exterior screen door. You see, Mom still had control. She had to open the door from the kitchen to the catio before they could use their special door. (Lily has never used the electronic door; though, she has the capability. She demands personal service in and out the front door.)

Once the five youngest of us became addicted to the catio, we took up lobbying for a cat door of our own. Mom still didn’t budge. Until…get ready for it…she got tired of spending the entire day between our breakfast and dinner times opening the door for us to go onto the catio and come back into the house. So, it became more convenient for her if we got a cat door.

You weren’t surprised, were you? We weren’t! But, we didn’t care. Just before Christmas, we got our cat door. Of course, with some of these terribly cold days, the door remains locked causing Giulietta to just about put herself into a coma by continually head-butting the door in an attempt to get out. However, if warm enough outside, Mom or Dad will unlock it sometime during the day and lock it at dinner time.

Not all of us have it totally figured out yet. Mauricio sometimes waits to hear a click like the electronic door makes. This one, of course, doesn’t do that. Within a short time he realizes he just has to push it.

Lisbeth, on the inside, tries to keep Fiona, on the outside, from entering.

Lisbeth, on the inside, tries to keep Fiona, on the outside, from entering.

Lisbeth was the first to master the proper technique followed by Giulietta, Calista and Fiona. Misty May, of course, never had a problem. We know neither Astrid, who doesn’t go out that much, nor Lily Olivia have used it.

As expected, some misuse has occurred. Often we refuse to push the door hard enough for it to open. If Mom is around, she will hold it open for us. (Score…we can still get her to wait on us!) Lisbeth delights in being a tease. She will push the door out when another of us, usually Fiona, is trying to push it in. We’re sure she is laughing at us behind her paw.

But we don’t care. Cats win! That’s all that’s impawtant! Well that and totally confusing Mom by going out the kitchen door, running upstairs, coming in through the cat door, running back downstairs and asking to go outside again. Meyowl…that is fun!

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo







Here’s a photo of Mauricio demonstrating his CREATIVITY (as Calista Jo looks on) when he was working on his Cat Scout’s Art Merit Badge. He certainly isn’t Quint from Colehaus Cats,* but then Mauricio’s talent lies in writing. Expect to see his version of the 12 Days of Christmas (Catmouse) to appear on our side-bar very soon.

Mauricio "painting" on the iPad.

Mauricio “painting” on the iPad.

Have a great Caturday!

* If you don’t know Quint’s art, please visit his shop HERE. He has some new selections that would make great Christmas gifts. And despite his pawsome talent, his prices are always reasonable.









Hi Efurrybuddy,

Have you missed us? Our visiting and commenting have been minimal and sporadic. But it is not our fault. Our lame-a-roo, gallivanting, thoughtless and neglectful humans left us again. This time they were gone for ten months weeks.

What? Days? No way. That’s just a big, fat fabrication on Mom’s part.

Though we managed to post a few times and leave a few comments, we had to do it by sending smoke signals to Mom in Canada ’cause that’s where she and our dad went. As usual, she took all the electronic devices with her. Without being able to keep up with our friends, we know we missed birthdays and other events, which, of course, has our furs ruffled.

And, the humans did not even visit our sisfur Nylablue while they were in Canada. We think the fact that she lives about 1,000 miles from where they visited is an excuse with no merit whatsoever.

We’ve been bored to hissing and growling without being able to go out on the catio (and it was 89 degrees F. yesterday). We can see a couple of our bird feeders from the kitchen window, but the minimal counter space requires us to take turns…more hissing and growling.

And, of course, Fiona is required to go UTB when Maggie comes to feed us. The rest of us made appearances, and Giulietta even let Maggie pet her, but that doesn’t mean we were happy about having a stand-in.

The humans arrived home as scheduled last night. That doesn’t happen too often. All of us, except Astrid, who was staring down from the top of the stairs, were swarming around the foyer by the time Dad got all the luggage inside. But only three of us, Mauricio, Misty May and Calista Jo, deigned to sleep with them. Lily Olivia managed to get herself closed up in the guest room overnight. Mom didn’t even see her dash in when she opened the door a fraction of an inch to switch off a light she accidentally left on when she left.

We were absolute angels during the absence. We only left three big hurls and threw another and different lamp on the floor busting the bulb. And Fiona got and still is nekkid.

Mauricio was fitted with a calming collar before the humans deserted us and did not manage to remove it. Mom hasn’t as yet had the opportunity to inspect the entire house for spray, and Mauricio is not talking.

Even Astrid is enjoying the catio today. Sorry her eyes are close, but we wanted to use the photo that showed her cute little buff-colored paw.

Even Astrid is enjoying the catio today. Sorry her eyes are closed and the photo is a little blurry, but we wanted to use the photo that showed her cute, little, buff-colored paw.

We are all looking forward to life getting back to normal. We are enjoying the catio right now and can’t wait to start visiting and letting all of our friends know what we think about their recent comings and goings.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

P.S., Mom only saw two live kitties while she was away. She was having withdrawals when she got home. That should get us even more attention that usual. Bonus!

P.P.S. Mauricio got his official Cat Scout membership card in the mail! He is itching to get back to earning merit badges now that the humans are home. His friend, Wally, from The Island Cats has surged way ahead with Karma points which has Mauricio’s competitiveness revved up and raring to go.


Today’s word is Spark so we couldn’t resist showing you a photo of our handsome, neighbor, man-cat, Sparky. Sparky spends lots of time hanging out at our house, including in this photo, which we originally posted on September 23, 2012.

Sparky settles in on our upper deck after our pusses have come inside for the night.

Sparky settled in on our upper deck after our pusses had come inside for the night. Now that we have the catio on the lower deck, Sparky no longer has access to the back decks.



Frame: Blue Background: Blue Eyes: Blue Cat: Angel Madison Blue

Frame: Blue
Background: Blue
Eyes: Blue
Cat: Angel Madison Blue


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"Please, please open the door so I can go in the yard."

“Please, please open the door so I can go in the yard.”

Hey efurrybuddy, Astrid here. Bet you GUESSed that the humans gave me a resounding “no” to my plea. But, can you GUESS what I did the night before last?

That’s right. I escaped again.

As Dad was trying to get Misty May to come in off the front porch for dinner, I flew right by him and out the door. Mommy was so mad. She told my dad that he was responsible for getting me back in the house; even though, she knows I am never going to come to him. I’m starting to let him hold and pet me on occasion, but he still frightens me.

Mommy says that my behavior is very strange, I only go out on the catio a couple of times per week and on some of those occasions I hide on the bottom platform of our tree/condo surrounded by its bad-weather cover.

The remainder of the time, I remain in the house. Usually I sleep on the chair cushion in the sewing room, but I have a variety of places I like to hang out: 1) sleeping in the sun on the radiator cover in front of the sewing room window, 2) sitting on the edge of the tub behind the shower curtain waiting to surprise any kitty entering to drink from the water bowl, 3) snoozing in Lily’s dough bowl in the kitchen or watching the doggies next door from the same locale, 4) and finally, lying on the kitchen counter next to Mom’s computer while she’s typing.

In fact, she thought I was over my sneaky ways. GUESS I fooled her.

Normally she gets upset when I escape, but she never gets all crazy or panic-stricken. She knows I stay in our yard, expect for the one time I went over the fence to our neighbor’s backyard. Then I was the one who became panic-stricken and screeched like a banshee; even though, the woofies were in the house.

This time, however, I timed my escape a little differently. In the past I had always slipped out during daylight hours. This time; though still light out, it was 6:45 p.m. Mom knew she only had a couple of hours before it was dark. That’s when the skunks, raccoons and opossums come out, and she didn’t want me to tangle with any of them. She also knew that once it was dark, I would be invisible unless she caught my eyes in the flashlight beam.

Well, you did probably GUESS that I was still out and alluding her when darkness fell. Two skunks and an opossum, however, brazenly approached her. She threw two grapefruit-sized rocks at one of the skunks. He didn’t budge, but he did spray a nearby bush. The other skunk hid under the grain bin where I usually go when I’m scared. That sure wasn’t going to happen this time. 

On occasion I would show myself while darting across the yard and a couple of times she actually discovered where I was hiding out. I, of course, did not allow her to catch me. At about 10:45 she decided to beat the bushes again and headed to the front door, flashlight in hand. GUESS who she spied through the window? That’s right, it was me on the front porch staring back at her. By the time she dropped the flashlight and unbolted the front door, I had made like the wind. 

That was her cue to go upstairs and put on her jammies. Dad had already gone to bed with Lily Olivia and Misty May. He told her to leave the second-floor door open with just the screen door closed . He thought if I showed up and hollered to come in, one of them could get up and do the honors of allowing me to re-enter. Mom didn’t tell him that she planned to sleep on the floor inside the door!

Prior to crawling into bed, Mom decided on one last ditch effort to get me in the house. And there I was standing on my hind legs with my pitiful, little face pressed against the glass of the backdoor window. She was flabbergasted. I do not understand why. I had been outside for four-and-and-half hours and hadn’t had my dinner. She should have known I would return when I got hungry. Silly Mommy for getting so worried.

Purrs and hugs, Naughty Kitty Astrid

P.S. Mommy should thank me for my escape. She hadn’t biked that day and had only about 5,000 steps on her FitBit when I ran out. After circling the house many, many, many times and tromping through the side yard she had reached her 10,000 steps. Good job Mom. I am so proud of you! And neither of us got sprayed by a skunk. Seems like a win-win to me.