DSC01835Remember this adorably furry intruder? He doesn’t even look real, does he? If I hadn’t seen him scampering through the house, I would have thought he was an animatronic creation.

Comments abounded from our kitty friends as well as other four-leggers asking what had happened to the “Mouse in the House.” Some were cheering for the cats, others for the mousey.

Truth be told, none of us know…not even the cats.

DSC01836They spent hours hot on his trail, and Calista Jo even had him in her mouth. Unfortunately, that’s when the camera battery went dead. When enlarging one of the photos I used on Wednesday’s post I could see blood in the little guy’s fur. I presume it was from Calista’s teeth.

DSC01847They had him trapped under the china cupboard, the desk, behind the radiator and hall butler as well as behind the cookbooks in the kitchen bookcase and under the stove. That’s the last place any of us (cats and humans) saw him before retiring for the night.

DSC01849It’s not hard for a field mouse to find its way into our house. The house is 101 years old and has any number of small holes that mice have used to gain entrance through the years. As I have found no dismembered mouse parts or a decomposing carcass anywhere in the house, I suspect this fellow found his way out by the same way he came in.

DSC01852-001Usually, a mouse doesn’t have a chance around here with eight cats in residence. Normally the kitties will terrorize and bat it around until it keels over dead from stress. But this little chap was particularly adept and finding hiding places where he was just out of reach.

And I didn’t really mind his presence. He was darn cute and it kept the clan busy and quiet in their cooperation of hot pursuit for several hours!

So that’s the entire story of “The Mouse in the House.”

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