Yaheetech Cat Tree Review

Have you been searching for the perfect present for that special kitty on your gift list? Have you considered a new cat tree? Even if you haven’t, we know your cat or cats, as in our case, would be delighted to get one. With this in mind, Kitties Blue suggest and recommend you check out the ones from Yaheetech.

They have 11 different styles on their web-site, ranging in height from 36 to 79 inches and with a variety of configurations and colors. We were allowed to select which one we wanted to try out for our review and selected the 57-inch multi-level cat tree for medium to large cats in dark gray, to match the decor of our bedroom, which is where the tree resides.


Lisbeth was the first to test out the Yaheetech cat tree.

Specifics of This Tree

This is the first tree we have had that is covered in a plush, velour-like fabric, instead of carpet. I had always shied away from these types of trees assuming the fabric would not be as durable or stand up to claws the way carpet does. I was wrong. It is extremely durable. I know the gang are enjoying the softer, snuggly feel as well.

This is an attractive tree with the cutest little cat ears on the pedestal beds. And it is very sturdy with solid construction and features a large baseboard. The tree also comes with a wall anchor strap to attach the cat tree to the wall for extra stability. Though, the tree is a favorite of our heavy-weights, Calista Jo and 20-pound Cooper Murphy; we have not needed to use this.


Cooper Murphy demonstrates the sturdiness of the Yaheetech cat tree.


Along with the two bed-type perches, there are two cubbies/condos, (one small round and one large rectangle) a hammock, a rope toy, six sisal scratching posts, which are used daily by our gang, and two ball toys on elastic cords. On every other cat tree I have purchased, the toys have been stapled to the tree and have been pulled off within a day. I am impressed to see that the elastic cord on the Yaheetech tree is tied to a screw eye. Calista Jo pulled one of the balls off the first day. I retied it a bit more securely; it has remained in place, and she has played with it quite vigorously, as she demonstrates in these photos.














One of the things that concerned me about this tree was the hammock at the bottom. I believe it would be a tight fit for most of my gang, and none have yet to try it. However, I believe it would be perfect for a kitten or small cat, like our Sawyer, Astrid or Misty May.


In conclusion, I give this cat tree five stars and the Kitties Blue each give it four paws up. I definitely will order a Yaheetech cat tree when Kitties Blue are in need of one to replace one of our older cat trees.

Trees range in price from $59.99 to $99.99 and can be purchased on the Yaheetech web-site. Visit Yaheetech here for a complete description and all the specifics about each available cat tree.

Discount Code

Yaheetech cat trees are available from other on-line retailers, but Yaheetech is offering a discount if you order from their site. Yaheetech has a 25 percent off discount code for our readers. It is good for any product on their web-site, which includes much more than cat trees and pet-centric items. The code is Janet25.

Disclaimer: Kitties Blue received our Yaheetech cat tree free of charge in exchange for our fair and honest review, and we thank them for this great product!