It may be Wordless Wednesday, but we will be a bit wordy today.

Happy 5th Birthday

Two very sweet girls, Astrid and Lisbeth, turn five today. They are not blood siblings, but they are littermates. Unfortunately these once inseparable girls no longer like each other…AT ALL! Nonetheless, we all love them  and wish them the happiest of birthdays.


Astrid & Lisbeth 5th Birthday


They asked Mauricio to make their cake in his Bake Shop at Cat Scouts. He decided to make a separate cake for each girl. Please join them in a piece.


Lisbeth birthday cakeAstrid's Birthday cake


They received a card from our special and great friend, Sammy (onespoiledcat), that they’d like to share with you.

A birthday card from Sammy.


The girls also each received an animated electronic card from our vet. They send each client a card for their birthday, which we all think is pretty sweet and thoughtful.

The girls have a gift from their dad and me, but I would not let them open it early, so they will share it with you in an upcoming post.

In other news…

Black Cat Appreciation Day


Birthday and Black cat Appreciation Day


Though neither Astrid nor Lisbeth are black cats, they do have black furs. And two of our angels, Thelma and Twinkle, were black. We love black panfurs at our house. If we had room at the inn, I would definitely add a black kitty to our gang. Black cats are the last to be adopted, which we think is crazypants. So as Kitties Blue honor black cats today, we ask that the next time you think of adopting consider a black beauty. To read more about this special day, visit the ASPCA’s website here.

Black Cats Rock and Rule!


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