While attending the BlogPaws Conference in Phoenix, I stopped by the Rocco and Roxie display to see what they had to offer. They make an excellent stain and odor eliminator, which I use. I discovered that they also make Jerky Sticks treats. The sticks are made for dogs, but I was told cats could eat them as well. Unfortunately, this is not the case as they contain garlic powder.

As Kitties Blue couldn’t enjoy the Jerky Treats, I passed them on to my friend who lives with Maggie, a Jack Russell Terrier. I asked my friend to let me know if Maggie liked the treats.

I received these photos and a four paws up review from Maggie.


Maggie taste tests Rocco and Roxie Jerky Sticks


This being Sammy’s (onespoiledcat) Thoroughly Poetic Thursday, with a prompt letterer of “J”, I decided to represent Maggie’s feelings about Jerky Sticks in a poem. I sure hope Maggie doesn’t mind.

Jerky Sticks Make Me Happy

Rocco and Roxie make nommy treats.
They are super yummy and easy to eat.
I can even hold them between my feets.
Then eat and eat and repeat.

The Jerky Sticks are made of meat.
They have no corn, soy or wheat.
The Jerky Sticks make a marvelous feast.
Rocco & Roxie Jerky Sticks can’t be beat.

Hooray for Rocco and Roxie Jerky Sticks treats.

The seven-inch long Jerky Sticks are made in the USA from all-American meat and come in 16 ounce bags. The sticks have a soft texture. They are high in protein, low in calories and are gluten free. Being gluten free was a big deal for Maggie’s human sister. With celiac disease, she is very careful to stay away from all gluten. She was excited that she could actually give the Jerky Sticks to Maggie with no fear of touching them.

You can purchase Rocco and Roxie Jerky Sticks from Chewy.com and Amazon.

Astrid and Lisbeth asked me to thank everyone for their kind birthday wishes. They will be back tomorrow to share additional cards and let you know about their gift. We also will participate in the Friendly Fill-ins blog hop.