Our entry in this week’s Caturday Art Blog Hop, hosted by Athena and Marie, is another of my more-is-more creations. To create my submissions each week I select a photo I like and think might appear interesting after I have tinkered with it. Then I start adding and subtracting effects, filters, overlays, etc. until I have an “arty” image that satisfies me. I have absolutely no innate talent as an artist, which you probably have noticed.

Fiona was transformed through the use of both Picasa and piZap. In Picasa I added the HDR, Pixelate and Vignette effects. From piZap, I selected the Light Show filter and then several overlays prior to adding the final border with Picasa. I think you will be surprised to see the photo with which I started this process.

thumb_P7160471This was Fiona enjoying one of the Catty Stacks I won at the BlogPaws conference.

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So tomorrow is Sunday, which means another Blog Hop. I have no idea who will be representing us tomorrow. You’ll have to check in to see. This will be our 52nd week hosting the Cat4-001Sunday Selfies Blog Hop. When I started it, Kitties Blue and I had no idea it would be popular or still going strong one year later. We’re happy and thankful that those of you who enter are still having fun with it. Please continue to join us in the weeks and months to come. We have made lots of new friends and look forward to making many more.

Finally, in honor of last night’s blue moon, I have replaced the poem on our sidebar with one I wrote many, many years ago. It actually is one of my very favorites. It was performed as part of a play entitled, Artistic License, and printed in a literary journal of the same name. Hope y’all like it.