Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby Results

This is the happy portion of today’s post.

The Hooligan Paddy Wagon - Cat Scouts Cardwood DerbyOur Cat Scouts, Mau and Cooper Murphy, are thrilled to report that they did quite well in this year’s Cat Scouts Cardwood Derby thanks to our readers and friends voting for them. No they did not take first place. For the second year in a row, Scout Obi took that honor in his Furrarri. But…wait for it…they and Cat Scout Teddy (Angel Sammy’s young brother) and his Moojuice Truck were the first runners-up. Jackson Galaxy was this year’s celebrity judge. This is what he said about Cooper and Mau’s entry, “Since I deal with hooligans in my line of work, I could use a Hooligan Paddy Wagon!”

Cooper Murphy and Mau also placed in two of the four voting categories. These were determined by popular vote. They placed second in the Most Creative category and third in the Crowd Favorite category.

This is what Denmaster said about the boys’ entry, “I’d also like to thank Scout Mau and Scout Cooper Murphy for their service in keeping hooliganism down at the event. Scouts Reno and Homer (two of Denmaster’s Cat Scouts) enjoyed their time in the Hooligan Paddy Wagon. As a thank you for the service, you will receive Shenanigans brand ‘Hooligan in a Can.’ Hooligan in a Can purrvides you with all the stuff you need to engage in shenanigans and mayhem. It is not endorsed by the Cat Scouts High Council.” We don’t think this product actually exists!

Cooper Murphy, Mauricio and I would like to thank all of our friends and followers who voted for them.

Nellie Gets Her Wings

We learned yesterday that a good friend and blogging icon, the beautiful Queen Nellie, passed on Good Friday. Though Nellie’s health has been failing for quite sometime, she and all her friends hoped to celebrate her 19th birthday with a big party on May 15th. We know she’ll be having a huge party at the Bridge with all her friends who passed before her. And we know she was greeted with huge hugs and rousing purrs and woofs. Though she is no longer with us physically, she will remain in our hearts and memories forever. Run free, Nellie! We love you.


Nellie, Forever (1)


If you haven’t had the opportunity, please stop by Nellie’s blog, Nellie on the Edge, and leave your condolences for her mom, Barb.

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