Astrid Confesses

“Hi, My name is Astrid, and I have been accused of being naughty.” Purrhaps you remember this photo from our Wordless Wednesday post. It was titled, “The Opportunist.”




Most of you assumed that Lisbeth had taken the lid off of those treats she was stuffing in her face. I’d like to confirm that, but I have been hypnotized or brainwashed, as I feel compelled to admit I was the one who did the deed.

naughtyThat’s right, this sweet, innocent-faced cat was the perpetrator. But it was not my fault. Mom remembered, as she was keeping her appointment with Mr. Sandman, she had noticed after dinner that Dad had not put our treats away but left them on the counter. She knew that both Lily and I could open these containers as she’d previously caught each of us in the act of doing so. But being the lazy sloth that she is, she decided not to go back downstairs and put them away.

You are now probably wondering why I am confessing. After all, Lily Olivia also knows how to open these containers. But, unfortunately for me, Lily sleeps with the humans in bed, and I always stay downstairs by myself at night.

As you can see, what happened is clearly not my fault. I was simply hunting prey as cats do. Dad’s the one who left the treats unattended, and Mom was too lazy to come downstairs and put them away.

But as I said, something has control of my brain and is forcing me to say: “My name is Astrid and I have been naughty. I will not, however, discuss just how many of the treats I personally ate prior to Lisbeth discovering them.”

Fiona Confesses (Sort Of)

“Hi, my name is Fiona, and I have been naughty.” What? No I haven’t. That’s a crock! I am always a good girl…well, almost always. You might recall that I recently was allowed to join Mom in the garden even though she claimed I had been naughty the night before. Here’s another photo from that day. Look at that innocent face!




This is the incident as she remembers it. (There is not photographic evidence.) When I was called to come to dinner on the night of the so-called naughtiness, I did not come. That’s not unusual. I often don’t report for breakfast or dinner. The goop some of you call stinky goodness does not appeal to me..

I was not on the catio, so the humans assumed (and we all know what that means) I was in Dad’s closet…my favorite hangout where I can think my private thoughts without being pestered.

After the humans fixed and ate their dinner and cleaned up the kitchen, Mom checked the front door to make certain it was locked prior to retiring upstairs. As she was doing this, she saw a flash of grey fur. It took her a couple eye blinks to realize the flash was me. She immediately opened the door and hollered for me to get in the house. I bolted and took off around the back of the house. You see, I never enter or exit the house from the front door.

In a matter of moments, Mom was holding the screen door open to the catio as I came up the back steps. Without a word from Mom, I sprinted through the screen door and then the back door into the house.

Like Lisbeth with the spilled treats, I was merely taking advantage of a situation created by someone else…Dad! Several hours before I was discovered Dad had failed to latch the screen door securely when he came in the from the yard. So evidently, this escape was not my fault. I will not make any additional statements as to whether or not my actions can be considered naughty. I will let our readers be the judge of that.

But as you can see, it is our humans who are at fault in both these situations and should be the ones forced to join Naughtiness Anonymous. How many of you have humans who try to blame their naughty behavior on you?

We think this is may be another case to be reported to N.U.C.A.T.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid and Fiona



Well, it is Wordless Wednesday, but Mom said we could not remain quiet as she had intended. Yes, she said that we must confess our naughtiness once again. Though we saw her put our Secret Paws gifts under the Christmas Tree, she says that Lily’s transgression today could find them becoming Valentine’s gifts.

So…here’s what happened today. Mom was baking cookies and Lily kept trying to get into everything, including the shortening, which Mom found her licking. Needless to say, she was not happy with Lily Olivia’s behavior but was willing to cut her a little slack. Then IT happened. Mom had to turn her back for a nano second to open the door to the catio for Giulietta. When she turned back, she found Lily Olivia standing on the cookie sheet nomming an unbaked cookie!

Though he was not the one involved in the cookie incident, Lily tried to make up by giving Dad seven kisses at bedtime. Mom said that even had Lily Olivia given her the seven kisses, that would not have been enough of an apology!

Can you believe it? We can’t seem to get through even one day without somebuddy acting out. It really isn’t our fault. The decorations and unusual activities around the holidays upset our normal routine and get us all confused. It makes it so easy to forget our manners and get into trouble. So we think it is totally unfair to withhold our loot. Please cross your paws that we can make it through the day so that we can get our gifts on Christmas morning.

Finally, we’d like to share our first ever Meowy Christmas card for those of you who did not receive it through either snail or e-mail.


Meowy Christmas


Ho, ho, ho, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

p.s. Look at those innocent faces. Santa will never believe we haven’t been purrfectly good all year!



We had expected to be having a Thankful Thursday today and telling you all about our Secret Paws gifts. But an unidentified kitty got into some mischief Tuesday night.






This is what Mom found when she went downstairs Wednesday morning. Not only was efurrything in disarray, but some extra-bad kitty had peed on the table runner. We’re pretty surprised we got our breakfast after this blatant display of naughtiness. Of course, we never tattle on each other. Even though we are not each others’ best friends, we have to stick together when it is humans versus cats.

Due to the inappropriate behavior, Mom said we could not have our Secret Paws presents today. She is letting us tell you who sent the prezies and show you her gift.

So, some cat, purrlease man the cymbals and tambourine and make lots of noise: Our goodies were sent to us by Mom Alana, Crepes and the gang from Cat in the Fridge. We think that is particularly cool as Crepes and Mau are both in the Worldwide Wildcats Troop and the Wolverine Patrol at Cat Scouts.

And here is the special gift for our mom from Mom Alana. Our Mom is over the moon with the super personal gift.



It is a exquisite sketch of Astrid drawn by Mom Alana. We apologize that the photo really does not do it justice. Alana is a much better artist than Mom is a photographer.

Purrlease keep your paws crossed that no cat gets into trouble overnight. That’s the only way we can hope to open our gifts any time before the New Year. Even if we do get to check them out, we won’t be reporting about it until next week.

We have a huge surprise for Friday’s post. We have some visitors who will share the holiday with us. We will introduce them to you in the special post. Some of you will recognize our visitors. But that’s all we are telling you now.

See y’all on the flip side.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo