Today was my recheck at the vet since I was last there on Christmas Eve. They were waiting for me when I arrived.


Fiona returns to the vet for her CKD.


See, they even have my name on the white board. Vinton Veterinary Hospital is an American Association of Feline Practitioners Certified Cat Friendly Practice*, and they always treat me wonderfully.

I got weighed today, had my blood drawn to check my values and got a shot of cerenia as I had vomited a couple of times. I also got some liquid vitamins to take everyday.

GOOD NEWS: My BUN has come down from 157 to 138. Now, I know that isn’t much, but my humans and I are happy for even the teeniest improvement.

I am letting my humans know my displeasure when I get my daily SubQ fluids by twacking them with my tail and emitting my best caterwaul until the needle in withdrawn. The fluids make me a bit perkier. When we had some balmy weather on Sunday, I spent time on the catio. And I purrticipated when we finally opened our Secret Paws gifts last night. (We’ll be telling you all about that in our Thankful Thursday post.)

The biggest obstacle right now is getting me to eat one of the renal diets or even just something other than treats. I licked some juice off one of the Royal Canin canned renal foodables and a little juice off our regular stinky goodness. Otherwise it is all treats all the time. My preference is Friskies Party Mix.

Mom and I want to thank Savvy and Sage’s mom (Savannah’s Paw Tracks) for sending us the article, from the  veterinary medical school at Tufts University, on feline kidney disease diet. Mom also found a great article about boosting appetite from Frederick Cat Vet in Mount Peasant, Maryland. We’d be happy for any additional information or suggestions anyone can provide.


Fiona and Mom Janet at the vet.


Something totally unexpected happened today just as we were getting ready to leave the vet. Mom’s favorite word is serendipity, and this was a totally serendipitous event. As we were going out, Jeanmarie (aka Dr. Short) was coming in. Jeanmarie started as our vet tech so long ago we can’t remember. Then she went to Vet school and became our doctor and our cat sitter when the humans traveled. A few years ago she left our vet office and the area to study to become a dermatological specialist.

In town for a couple days, Jeanmarie stopped by the office to see one of the other veterinarians. She and Mom were all giddy and hugging, laughing and smiling. It was nice to see Mom happy. She’s been so sad ever since I was diagnosed with CKD.

My next appointment with Dr. Neel will be next Monday. So, unless something unusual happens, our next update will be a week from today. If you can keep purring and praying for me, I know it will help. With all my thanks and appreciation.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona 

* Mom will be writing a post in the near future to tell you about this certification.




Feline FlagOur very good friend, former vet and caregiver, Jeanmarie (oh, the tales she could tell about us), gifted us with this beautiful, garden, kitty flag. She recently opened an Etsy Shop, and the flags are one of the featured items.

Her shop is named AJ’s Pup Pastries. This is the link: She currently has the garden flags, dog beds (looks as if we kitties would like them as well) and personalized, glass, pet treat jars.

Flags measure 13″ by 15-16.” They are fabricated from a durable, blue, canvas-like fabric for the background. The appliqués are created using an outdoor polyester fabric. Flag edges are double stitched to prevent fraying.

The flags will withstand rain, wind and heat. Like all outdoor flags, prolonged exposure to the sun may eventually result in fading. Flags can be spot cleaned with mild soap, rinsed with water and air dried.

All flags are made to order, shipped in three to five days and are a very reasonably priced $17. Shipping is by USPS with delivery confirmation for a cost of $2.50. PayPal and the usual credit cards are accepted.

Five percent of sales will be donated to one of the following three animal associations:  League for Animal Protection, a non-profit, no-kill shelter in the Roanoke Valley, Virginia (; Virginia Beach SPCA ( and Siamese Cat Rescue Center ( in Locust Dale, VA.

Now comes the exciting part for our readers. We will be giving away one of these incredibly beautiful flags. The design will be of two cats in coordinating fabrics. To see an example, click on the Etsy Shop link in the second paragraph. To be eligible, you only need to leave a comment on this post prior to midnight EDT, Sunday, June 29. The recipient will be selected using

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

Disclaimer: We received no payment for promoting AJ’s Pup Pastries or their products. We received a flag for our own use and a flag to give away to a reader.



We’ve had an eventful few days. Sunday was our humans’ 40th Wedding Anniversary. That seemed like a pretty big deal to them. Since none of us were around 40 years ago, we didn’t get too excited, especially when they didn’t give us any of the prime rib or short ribs they brought home from dinner.

Also on Sunday, Mom’s nephew’s wife, Andrea Parks, won Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. She owns Frost Cupcake Factory in Campbell, CA. Again, the humans were atwitter with excitement. We didn’t understand what was such a big deal, until we heard she won a $10,000 prize. She can sure buy oodles of treats for her kitties. If you have an interest in meeting Andrea, click the link above.

One other thing occurred on Sunday, and it is what precipitated this post. We were minding our own business and mostly napping on another rainy day when suddenly our radar systems started to send out WARNING messages. Deciding to investigate, we discovered three large suitcases in the bedroom. We know three suitcases is an indication that both humans are planning to leave us alone and not just for overnight or a long weekend.

Now we’re thinking this is pretty nervy of them as they were just gone for four days two weeks ago. Dad used to travel lots and lots and be gone for a few weeks at a time, but the thought of both of them leaving again so soon was causing us bucketfuls of distress.

On Monday we noticed the tandem on top of the car. Unless no suitcases are involved (day trip), that always adds up to too many days away. We begged for a copy of their itinerary and length of trip, but were denied any such information. We tried to see the check for PlayTime Pet Sitting to get an idea about how big the money number was but couldn’t see it.

After all that effort we took to moping about, napping (still raining) or snapping and clawing at Mom and Dad to show them our displeasure.  All of us, that is, except Fiona and Calista. Fiona was into the second day of following Mom around the house and whining. Fiona pretty much goes into hiding as soon as the humans leave until they return; thus, her added complaints. On the other hand, Calista Jo was her usual happy-go-lucky self. Since the humans went away for 12 days just 12 days after she became our meowmate, she doesn’t know any better.

Mom receiving her award.

Mom receiving her award.

The one thing Dad shared with us was the fact that they have to go away. It seems our mom is receiving some kind of award from USA Volleyball at a banquet. Unless they are having a bazillion courses at the banquet, we can’t imagine that would take too long, so something else must be happening as well. But they are not talking. (Dad sent photos for us to share.)

Mom speechifyimg.

Mom speechifying.

Monday night Mom checked under the frig and stove and liberated the toys we had stashed there. She also gave us one of the catnip toys from the batch she made for Barn Cat Buddies. This was very thoughtful, but just not enough to get in our good graces before leaving.

Maggie will be coming twice a day to take care of our needs. Again, not enough! And no Jeanmarie as she’s at home in Virginia Beach, VA. Maybe we can convince Maggie to tell us when the gallivanting humans plan to return. That way we will know when to begin working on any surprises we’d like them to have upon their homecoming. MOL!

Maggie has permission to let us out on the catio when she comes in the morning and let us back in at evening feeding time. BUT SHE WON’T! She’s afraid one of us might escape. At one time, Mom thought this was being a little overly cautious. However, now that she and Dad have found Fiona on the wrong side of the catio door with some regularity, they have decided to withdraw that allowance. Of course, as Fiona will be hiding from Maggie the entire time, we don’t think this should stop the remainder of us from being outside, but we have absolutely no say in the matter.


L-R Top: Fiona and Lily Olivia
L-R Bottom: Astrid and Misty May

So here we are…stuck…again! And we have no idea when we’ll be sprung from the daily doldrums of just hanging out and napping and probably squabbling with each other.

Finally, before she left, Mom asked us to post two things for her. We have no idea why we are accommodating her, but here they are.

  1. If any kitty bloggers who follow us live in or near Louisville, KY, (So that’s where they are!) and would like to get together (How long could that take?), please leave a comment.
  2. To all of our bloggy friends: If any of you live in Oklahoma or have family or friends there, we are praying for you after these terrible and destructive tornadoes. Please let us know if you have anything you need or anything we can do for you.

Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

As you can see, Giulietta's methods leave much to be desired.

As you can see, Giulietta’s methods leave much to be desired.

P.S. We’re trying to keep up with our Comments on the blogs of all our friends, but if you don’t hear from us everyday, please accept our apologies. The humans took both laptop computers, and we do not have access to either desk-top computer. So we are left with an iPad. Giulietta is the only one of us who knows how to operate one. She is much better at reading than typing due to the hugeness of her paws. And she is a champion napper as well who must be dragged into action. It took her four days to complete this post. Argh!



We don’t want to complain. Who are we kidding, of course, we do. We are being neglected. Mom has chosen to spend time doing things other than catering to our every need. We’ll admit that she’s been playing laser-light tag with us two or three times a day, but she doesn’t even need to get out of her chair to do that. And sometimes she cheats and uses the laser to get us off the catio and in for the night.

Nor is she required to leave her chair to let us in or out whenever we ask. She doesn’t even turn to see who is at the door. If she hears one of us scratching or asking with a polite meow to enter or exit, she opens the door and holds it open for what she thinks is long enough for us to enter/exit. Then she closes it without looking. If we’re a little pokey, she’ll close the door before we ever get in or out. Once she even closed the door right on Astrid.

On Tuesday, she spent three and one-half hours in the garden. We think that is far too many hours in one day, especially as she spent two other days this week planting flowers. One of those days was in the pot garden on the upper deck. We were able to spend time with her, but she wasn’t paying any attention to us, except when she was telling Calista Jo not to eat the pepper plants and chives or grilling us on who dug half the dirt out of the pot of catnip. Did she honestly expect one of us to fess up? She can be so naive!

Then, of course, there’s the riding of the tandem bike. When that happens both the humans are away for at least two hours but sometimes even more if they stop somewhere for lunch.

All the hours she spends reading about cats on other blogs is a pure waste of time. We do have some personal favorite kitties in bloggy world, but we think the eight of us should be enough for her. Even worse, she demands that we write at least 90 percent of the comments on these other blogs, and that is eating into our nap and catio time.

And now she has started reading a book about another cat, The Cujo Cat Chronicles by Douglas Dunn and Cujo. We really find that to be incomprehensible. She’s reading his blog by the same name, and THAT should be enough.

Sewing Supervisor: Giulietta

Sewing Snoopervisor: Giulietta

Plus we read in her e-mail that she is going to make nip toys for Barn Cat Buddies Adoption Event on Saturday. We prayed she’d let us in on this activity but figured she’d shoo us to the catio; even though, it only seemed fair as Calista was adopted from one of these events and both Astrid and Lisbeth are BCBs. And usually if we get enough kitty spit on at least one toy, Mom will give it to us. As you can see from these photos we were able to find a way to get involved. If you click on the following link, you can see a video of Calista helping Mom: Quality Control Inspector #8: C.J.

Giulietta testing the strength of the thread.

Giulietta testing the strength of the thread.

And finally, last weekend Mom and Dad loaded up the tandem and left for almost four whole days. Mom refused our demands earlier in the week to write about this transgression as she hoped we would forget how miffed we were. NO way that ‘s going to happen. We may not be elephants, but we aren’t completely brain dead.

To their credit, they didn’t just fill our food and water bowls and leave us this time. We had our two favorite kitty sitters, Jeanmarie and Maggie. Jeanmarie used to be our vet (we like her anyway) until she moved away to pursue a dermatology specialty. When she comes home for visits, she always takes care of us if the humans are away.

Quality Control Inspector #6: Astrid

Quality Control Inspector #6: Astrid

Lisbeth made friends with Jeanmarie this time. She didn’t know Jeanmarie when she was our vet. And Lily Olivia gave Maggie kisses. We, as well as Maggie, almost dropped dead when that happened. Lily only gives kisses to Mom and Dad and only when she is feeling particularly generous. Lily caved only one night after they returned giving Mom 37 face kisses that night and 23 the next. Traitor!

Quality Control Inspectors 8, 7 & 6: C.J., Lisbeth, Astrid

Quality Control Inspectors 8, 7 & 6: C.J., Lisbeth, Astrid

Once again when the humans returned, they only stayed long enough to feed us and change their clothes. Then they went out to dinner and the symphony. We said we’d give them a symphony: a symphony of their transgressions and our complaints.

Mom said that Fiona could not complain or sign her name to this post as she got to leave the catio and spend a couple hours in the yard with Mom. She reported to us that she was a very good girl. She didn’t even fight or struggle when Dad picked her up and brought her in the house so he could mow the lawn. So that’s another thing that gripes us: Why does Fiona get to go in the garden and the remainder of us (except, of course, Lily, Mauricio and Misty May) are forced to stay in the house or catio? We’ll have to explore that conundrum in another post as we know we have rambled on way too long.

Purrs and hugs and complaints, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette 


Allergic to Humans?

Lily Olivia has been sneezing since our return from Tortola, BVI. I have been wondering if she’s allergic to the new kitten, Calista Jo, or if she developed an allergy to her humans while we were away.

Anyway, the two of us made a visit to the vet, who said that it is unlikely she has developed allergies at age 13.

I have absolutely no explanation for Lily Olivia’s behavior while we were at the vet.


Calico cat lying on her back with legs akimbo while sleeping.

Lily Olivia at her most relaxed!


Lily sat in her PTU totally unperturbed by the large dog thwacking the carrier with its tail. She allowed both the tech and the vet to touch and hold here—no scratching, gouging, biting, belly-aching or struggling to get away. Lily didn’t even give us the stink-eye! She allowed her temperature to be taken, heart listened to, mouth examined and a shot administered without even a snarl or growl.

Lily Olivia did not make one peep until we were in the car on the way home. And then she was not complaining, just talking.

Whose Cat Was This?

When Vet Jeanmarie was still a vet tech, she would put on elbow-length, padded gloves, that looked like oven-mitts on steroids, prior to even getting near Lily Olivia. Of course, that was a very, very long time ago. As Jeanmarie has spent lots of time caring for and feeding Lily when we’ve been away, the two no longer do battle.


Calico cat looking grumpy and sitting in a wooden dough bowl in front of stained glass window.

Lily Olivia displaying her usual grumpy look.


But Lily can still be a stinker. On Saturday night when she was sleeping on my pillow and Misty May wanted to take her rightful place on my head, a disagreement ensued. Unfortunately, I was the one who got the worst of it. Lily Olivia put a claw into my face above my upper lip and caught another claw on the inside of my lower lip. By the time she got that one free, the blood was gushing!

Those of you who have kitties are now saying to yourselves that Lily was behaving herself because she wasn’t feeling well. Always a possibility, of course, but that usually doesn’t stop her from being her normal grumpy self!




Bi-eyed resident of Blue Water Divers, Soper’s Hole, Tortola. He had a nearly look-alike sibling without the bi-eyes.

We returned Friday night from a 12-day trip to our favorite vacation spot: Tortola, British Virgin Islands. We were greeted immediately by five of the brood and the others showed up soon after. Our salty and sandy luggage was thoroughly investigated. Six joined us in bed. Lisbeth and Giulietta were the only holdouts. The others took turns sleeping on top of me with no less than four with me at all times, and Misty May, of course, was on my head. She has been the neediest since our return, demanding too many kisses on the head to count and giving dozens and dozens of head butts and cheek rubs. (She and Calista are trying to help me now!)

Marina kitty gets a good butt scratch and gives me my kitty fix for the day.


Even though Maggie and Jeanmarie, our previous vet and frequent caregiver who was in town for a few days, checked-in on them twice each day, they were still pleased to see the resident humans home again. That was especially true this morning when they were allowed to go outside. We even decided that Callie Jo is big enough to go out on the screened deck. She has been in and out constantly for the past two days.

We first visited Tortola on a cruise in 1995. We returned in 1998 and have been going back since then. It has developed quite a bit in that amount of time, but it still remains unspoiled by fast-food restaurants or cookie-cutter anything!

Flora and fauna abound on the island as you might expect. Plumeria, bougainvillea—in every imaginable color—oleander, hibiscus and so many more, whose names I don’t know, grow everywhere. Chickens and goats can be seen in every yard and in the road! And we have always seen a few dogs and cats as well as lots of lizards, pelicans and, of course, fish.

Soper’s Hole restaurant cat waiting for his next handout.

Whenever we leave home, we have kitty withdrawal symptoms and are on the lookout for some felines to fondle. We saw more than usual this year. The car rental company we use had a mom, dad and two kittens—one even looked a lot like Calista. Several frequented the small marina at the west end, Soper’s Hole, and its restaurant. Many others were seen at residences, including another mom with several kittens. Even the beach where we spend most of our time had a kitty roaming around. The most we saw in a day were 10. On two days we didn’t see any. So sad! But we always know where we can find eight felines eager and ready for attention.

There’s nothing like a warm computer on a cool fall day.

P.S. As I was finishing this post, Tom asked me to do him a favor. I got up and left the computer on the counter with this page on the screen. The picture of Giulietta shows what I returned to at the end of the quick chore. Thankfully I had remembered to save the post. Another cat-perpetrated disaster averted!