Today was my recheck at the vet since I was last there on Christmas Eve. They were waiting for me when I arrived.


Fiona returns to the vet for her CKD.


See, they even have my name on the white board. Vinton Veterinary Hospital is an American Association of Feline Practitioners Certified Cat Friendly Practice*, and they always treat me wonderfully.

I got weighed today, had my blood drawn to check my values and got a shot of cerenia as I had vomited a couple of times. I also got some liquid vitamins to take everyday.

GOOD NEWS: My BUN has come down from 157 to 138. Now, I know that isn’t much, but my humans and I are happy for even the teeniest improvement.

I am letting my humans know my displeasure when I get my daily SubQ fluids by twacking them with my tail and emitting my best caterwaul until the needle in withdrawn. The fluids make me a bit perkier. When we had some balmy weather on Sunday, I spent time on the catio. And I purrticipated when we finally opened our Secret Paws gifts last night. (We’ll be telling you all about that in our Thankful Thursday post.)

The biggest obstacle right now is getting me to eat one of the renal diets or even just something other than treats. I licked some juice off one of the Royal Canin canned renal foodables and a little juice off our regular stinky goodness. Otherwise it is all treats all the time. My preference is Friskies Party Mix.

Mom and I want to thank Savvy and Sage’s mom (Savannah’s Paw Tracks) for sending us the article, from the  veterinary medical school at Tufts University, on feline kidney disease diet. Mom also found a great article about boosting appetite from Frederick Cat Vet in Mount Peasant, Maryland. We’d be happy for any additional information or suggestions anyone can provide.


Fiona and Mom Janet at the vet.


Something totally unexpected happened today just as we were getting ready to leave the vet. Mom’s favorite word is serendipity, and this was a totally serendipitous event. As we were going out, Jeanmarie (aka Dr. Short) was coming in. Jeanmarie started as our vet tech so long ago we can’t remember. Then she went to Vet school and became our doctor and our cat sitter when the humans traveled. A few years ago she left our vet office and the area to study to become a dermatological specialist.

In town for a couple days, Jeanmarie stopped by the office to see one of the other veterinarians. She and Mom were all giddy and hugging, laughing and smiling. It was nice to see Mom happy. She’s been so sad ever since I was diagnosed with CKD.

My next appointment with Dr. Neel will be next Monday. So, unless something unusual happens, our next update will be a week from today. If you can keep purring and praying for me, I know it will help. With all my thanks and appreciation.

Purrs and paw-pats, Fiona 

* Mom will be writing a post in the near future to tell you about this certification.