Allergic to Humans?

Lily Olivia has been sneezing since our return from Tortola, BVI. I have been wondering if she’s allergic to the new kitten, Calista Jo, or if she developed an allergy to her humans while we were away.

Anyway, the two of us made a visit to the vet, who said that it is unlikely she has developed allergies at age 13.

I have absolutely no explanation for Lily Olivia’s behavior while we were at the vet.


Calico cat lying on her back with legs akimbo while sleeping.

Lily Olivia at her most relaxed!


Lily sat in her PTU totally unperturbed by the large dog thwacking the carrier with its tail. She allowed both the tech and the vet to touch and hold here—no scratching, gouging, biting, belly-aching or struggling to get away. Lily didn’t even give us the stink-eye! She allowed her temperature to be taken, heart listened to, mouth examined and a shot administered without even a snarl or growl.

Lily Olivia did not make one peep until we were in the car on the way home. And then she was not complaining, just talking.

Whose Cat Was This?

When Vet Jeanmarie was still a vet tech, she would put on elbow-length, padded gloves, that looked like oven-mitts on steroids, prior to even getting near Lily Olivia. Of course, that was a very, very long time ago. As Jeanmarie has spent lots of time caring for and feeding Lily when we’ve been away, the two no longer do battle.


Calico cat looking grumpy and sitting in a wooden dough bowl in front of stained glass window.

Lily Olivia displaying her usual grumpy look.


But Lily can still be a stinker. On Saturday night when she was sleeping on my pillow and Misty May wanted to take her rightful place on my head, a disagreement ensued. Unfortunately, I was the one who got the worst of it. Lily Olivia put a claw into my face above my upper lip and caught another claw on the inside of my lower lip. By the time she got that one free, the blood was gushing!

Those of you who have kitties are now saying to yourselves that Lily was behaving herself because she wasn’t feeling well. Always a possibility, of course, but that usually doesn’t stop her from being her normal grumpy self!