Wordless Wednesday – Astrid Hangin’ Out


Astrid, is hangin' out in the little hammock of the QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher by Feline Innovations.


Though this post is supposed to be wordless, the petretary has asked if she may write a few words. I would have refused out right, but as it is an apology to Calista Jo, I have given her permission to infringe on my post.

Purrs and paw-pats, Astrid

Thank you, Astrid. Once again, it seems as if I have lost any opportunity of receiving The Cat Mom of the Year Award. I am here to apologize to Calista Jo for missing her fifth birthday yesterday. I love her dearly and pray I didn’t hurt her feelings. At least Calista and all the kitties received a new toy for their amusement. By way of apology to C.J., I will write her a special belated birthday poem for Thoroughly Poetic Thursday tomorrow and have a blog party for her. Everyone is invited to join in the merriment. On behalf of C.J., I’d like to thank everyone who wished her a Happy Birthday yesterday. Your thoughtfulness is truly appreciated.

Warm regards, Mom Janet


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