We will be having our Sunday Selfies blog hop featuring Misty May, but first she will be…

Remembering Spitty



Spitty the Kitty (aka King Spitty) was a popular and beloved cat in the blogosphere. Many hearts were broken when he left for the Bridge on February 27. Like many other lady cats, I considered him a very special friend. I don’t believe any of us were jealous of the others. We were just delighted to have him in our lives.

My mom said I could share a couple of photos with you from dates Spitty and I had at Cat Scouts.



Front L-R: Lisbeth, Allie, Astrid, Misty May. Back L-R: Charles, Mauricio, Sampson, Spitty.


This photo is from Valentine’s Day 2017 and is bittersweet. Mau, Allie and now Spitty have all left us.

Spitty was a wonderful date and friend and always the purrfect gentleman. I will miss him terribly, as I know all of you will.

I suspect most of you will have left your condolences for Spitty’s mom, Mary, but if not, you can do so here.

Sunday Selfies: Week #343


Sunday Selfie


If this photo looks a bit familiar, it is from the same photo session as yesterday’s Caturday Art photo.

Now that I have shown you mine, it is time for you to share your selfie with me and all your friends on the internet. The other Kitties Blue and I look forward to Sundays, not so we can take selfies, but so we can see your cute faces. We truly appreciate each and every one of you for your support and participation.

Before I sign off, My fursibs and I have a wish for our mom.

🎂 Happy Birthday, Mom! 🎂


Purrs and paw-pats, Misty May