Mau1Mauricio is our featured kitty today for Athena’s Caturday Art Blog Hop. He received this honor as he is taking part in Cat Scouts Quest 2 this weekend. He plans to use his piercing, out-of-this-world, laser eyes during the Star Gazing Challenge tonight.

lasereyesTo create the above photo, only one filter was added with AdornPic. Those eyes have not been enhanced in any way. And to prove it, here’s the original collage created using PiZap.

Please don’t forget to hop over to Athena Cat Goddess’s blog (click on the badge) to post your own art or admire all the other submissions.

Please accept our apologies for not visiting much in the last view days. Mauricio has kept me very busy with Cat Scouts, but as soon as this Quest is complete all the Kitties Blue will be back reading and commenting on our friends’ blogs.

Have a great weekend. And if you are taking part in the Quest at Cat Scouts, good luck. May the best Patrol win.