Our furiend, Madi, is having another pawsome event, The Spring Fling. It gives us the opportunity to tell you about the significant others of our furmily members. And, of course, on the first day of Spring love is always in the air.

This is the information we were asked to provide:
1. How we met our significant other
2. Best date
3. First date
4. Worst date

5. Most enjoyable date, etc etc etc

All of the kitties at The Cat on My Head, except Lisbeth, had their first date ever at Madi’s Queen of Hearts Dance on Valentine’s Day.

Mau & Allie

allie1Prior to that, Mau was the only one with a girl furiend, the lovely Allie from Friends Furever. Most of you have met her here and on her blog. We first told you about Allie being Mau’s girl friend in our November 5, 2013 post, “Mauricio’s Big Announcement.”

They are both Cat Scouts and members of Troop Worldwide Wildcats and the Wolverines Patrol. They had met prior to Cat Scouts, but that is where their relationship developed.

Their only official date was the Queen of Hearts Dance, but they hang out together in the Wolverines Den and at Campfire at Scouts. They both went on Sammy’s Moon Trip and pawticipated together in the practice Quest at Scouts. They have the opportunity to spend lots of quality time together at Cat Scouts and will attend Quest 2 together this weekend.

Mau says that every minute they spend together is better than the last, and that they have never had a “worst” time together. He did use the “L-word” in a semifore message to Allie, but she is not ready to make that commitment. He says that he can wait. He’s just happy to have her in his life. Allie liking him has turned him into a much better man-cat.

Astrid & Sampson

sampsonscoutAstrid and Sampson (Kitty Cat Chronicles) are in what I would call a “budding” relationship. Their first date was for the Queen of Hearts Dance following our Match.Cat post. Since that time they have taken quite a fancy to each other and e-mail often. Sampson is also a Cat Scout and a member of Worldwide Wildcats and Wolverines. Sampson escorted Astrid to the St. Patrick’s Day pawty given by Allie at Campfire. They are both rather shy, and so I think it is a great match-up, and I am cheering for them quietly from the sidelines. I believe Sampson’s mom, Emily, is doing the same.

Though some of the others may have the opportunity for future dates, they do not have significant others. Lily would like to send a message out to Leopold at Critters in the Cottage that she is still waiting for that second date he requested and she accepted!

Wishing all of our furiends and their furmilies a glorious Spring.