For Flashback Friday, I am sharing a post from December 20, 2012. It was titled, “Christmas: Day 6,” and received one comment. It is printed as it was then but for a few word changes, an added closing paragraph and different photos. Hope you enjoy it.

Getting ready for Christmas can be exhausting, especially if you are a kitty and self-appointed quality control inspector of all things Christmas.


Kitties Blue are Q.C. Inspectors for Christmas


These are eight Christmas duties for which Kitties Blue take personal responsibility:

1. Tasting the butter before it goes in the cookies to ensure it is fresh, pure and nommy. Leaving some fur on the stick of butter is also very important as the kitties don’t have any “inspected by” stickers to apply.

2. Playing tug-of-war with all garland to make sure it is strong enough to swing from once it has been hung.

3. Nosing a few ornaments off of angel “Twinkle‘s Tree” (the only one to which they have constant access) and shoving them under the rug to assure they won’t break and will be available for future play.

4. Nesting inside the wreaths prior to my hanging them as a check for symmetry and fluffiness.

5. Testing all light strings to make certain each bulb is securely inserted into its socket so no outages will occur when they attempt to remove the strings from trees, wreaths and garland.

6. Clawing and sniffing each package, chewing on bows and burrowing into gift bags in order to ascertain that gift wrappings will hold up until presents can be opened officially.

7. Shoving the glass, votive candle holders off the kitchen counter and watching them crash to the floor just because she (Lisbeth) can!

8. Excavating all Christmas stockings to ascertain if any treats or catnip may have been left behind last year, while making certain plenty of space is available for this year’s goodies.

What are your kitties responsible for during the holidays? Kitties Blue are inquiring in case they are neglecting any important, kitty-specific duties.