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Celebrate Freedom - C.J.


Celebrate Freedom - Sawyer and Cooper Murphy


Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy


Cat Sock Giveaway

The latest winner in our giveaway of pink or blue customizable cat socks from is Mom Sharla and kitties, Angel and Isabella, from BeadedTail. Again, we’ll be wondering which of the kitties will get the honor of appearing on their mom’s socks. Mom Sharla has promised to blog about it when her socks arrive!

We have three more pairs of these adorable socks to give away. If you haven’t been following us lately and are unfamiliar with the giveaway, checkout last week’s post, Toesy Tuesday Giveaway. You also can see mom’s socks featuring Mau on that same post. For the opportunity to win a pair of socks featuring your cat, leave a comment on today’s post.


Many people and animals suffer injuries on the 4th of July due to humans’ mishandling fireworks. Please celebrate responsibly and stay safe today. Keep all pets inside in a quiet environment. The noise of fireworks can be quite stressful and frightening for your beloved fur children.