Thoroughly Poetic Thursday

For our inspiration today, angel Sammy and Teddy’s mom, Pam, provided us with a bit of nostalgia in this photo of a drive-in theater.


drive-in poetry


At one time drive-in movies were very popular. I remember going with my parents when I was small to the El Rancho Drive-In Theater in San Jose, California. My sister and I would already be dressed in our jammies and would never stay awake through the double feature. In college I worked for the local theater group in Santa Barbara as a cashier in the ticket booth and behind the concession stand. My senior year was at one of two drive-ins in the group.

So, I have some fond memories of drive-in theaters. But now they are pretty much a thing of the past and are found mostly in rural areas. A total of four exist in Virginia. We drove past one just last week returning from our lunch with Teddy’s parents, David and Pam.

When I saw this photo, it took me back to a simpler time and place, and reminded me of a poem I wrote more than 30 years ago. Though the “picture show” mentioned in the poem wasn’t at a drive-in, it does speak to that time in America.

Of Kansas Summers

I’m feelin’ as flat
as that darned bicycle tire.
Jake’s Skelly station too far
to walk in this July heat,
and Papa gone this mornin’
for two weeks on his rounds.
Mama filled the deep freeze
and put up some beans and tomatoes
before he left—all that
food, no reason to call
Uncle Will for a lift
to town. I wonder
if Jimmie will miss me
when I don’t show up
at Carter’s old Hickory?
I wonder if he’ll ride here
lookin’ for me. That darned
bike—paint as blue as Jimmie’s
eyes—never gave me a lick
of trouble since the day
Papa brought it home
from the Sear’s Catalog store.

Yesterday, Jimmie and I rode
all the way to Doc Fletcher’s
to see the new pigs—they was
as pink and shiny as a wad
of Double Bubble and squealin’
just like Carrie Johnson the time
my cousin Jesse put the caterpillar
down the back of her shorts.
Today, we was going to ride
to El Dorado for the afternoon
picture show. Two weeks with no
transportation—Jimmie will probably
take up with that Missie Drummund—
moved here last spring from Topeka.
I hear she’s got a real fancy
bike—five gears and skinny tires.

© Janet Buickerood Blue – 1985

“Of Kansas Summers” was published originally by Virginia Wesleyan College in September, 1985, in edition Number Fourteen of their annual literary journal, Inlet.

Sammy is the poet in the family over at Two Spoiled Cats, and each week he transmits a fabulous, not-to-be-missed poem from the Rainbow Bridge. To read his poem and find links to the poetry of other bloggers, click on his badge.

Thankful Thursday

Our little escape artist, Sawyer, seems to be the subject of many of our Thankful Thursday writings. Today is no exception. By blocking his egress to the roof, we thought we had curtailed his wandering ways. But that little stinker found a way out yesterday.

Dad Tom left the house for about three hours in the morning. When he returned home, he asked if I’d seen Sawyer. I answered, “No.” That didn’t concern me. The youngster spends most of each day on the catio, snoozing or watching the birds and squirrels. As Tom had not seen him in the house or on the catio, an all-house search was begun. No Sawyer anywhere.

Tom went out back and I went out front calling his name and promising “treaties.” I came back in the house without seeing him. When I looked out the window several minutes later, he was casually lying on the front porch. Where he ventured on his walk-about, we have no idea. But when I opened the door and invited him in, he saundered in as if this was a normal, everyday habit.

We do not know how he got out. He has earned himself another badge/tag, however, to accompany his PTU Pooper one. Thank you, Mom Sharon (Friends Furever).

So our thankful today is that Sawyer didn’t wander off and came when called.

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Our Socks Winner and Continued Giveaway

Today, Kitties Blue are giving away the eighth of ten pairs of customizable cat socks from The winner was selected using from those leaving comments on yesterday’s post. That winner is Mom Sue, Wally, Ernie and Zoey from The Island Cats. Congratulations!

If you have not been following our giveaway, you can read all about it on our Toesy Tuesday Giveaway post by clicking on the link. You can also see my socks, featuring Mau.

If you’re still with us after this long-winded post, we hope you’ll come back tomorrow for Friday Fill-Ins.