Today’s Tuxie/Tortie Doozy of a Snoozy is one I’ll never see again. This makes me very sad. Once upon a time in a universe far, far away Astrid and Lisbeth were inseparable. Now they each prefer to snuggle with Mauricio, their dad or me.


I'll Never See This Again


About the only time these two are even in the same room together is at mealtimes. If they accidentally encounter each other, Lisbeth becomes a hissy face.

Cat relationships are complicated, and I don’t know what turned this one from loving to adversarial. I guess it could turnaround some day, but I’m not going to bet the kitties’ kibble on it. For now I’ll just have to look at photos and fondly remember the togetherness times.

Does anyone else have kitties who used to be friends but aren’t anymore? Do you know why the relationship changed? Whatever insight anyone can offer would be appreciated.