It’s a known fact that kitties like to chase that little red dot. And it is pretty certain that none of us get to do it for as long as we’d like. The humans’ arms always wear out before we do. If you live in a multi-cat home, you probably have some competitors as well when you are on the hunt.

frolicatmultilaserPetSafe has eliminated all those problems with their FroliCat Multi Laser Toy. You may be familiar with FroliCat’s Bolt. It has one automatically-generated, random-patterned, red laser beam. Kitties Blue have worn out two of those! So, imagine our delight when we were asked if we’d like to try the Multi Laser Toy.

The Multi Laser Toy has two active lasers that rotate in a 360-degree, wobbly pattern. After each movement, the lasers remain motionless for a second or two before moving again. This means that if you’re fast, you can actually catch one of those dots. Mom says she likes this a lot. She knows that chasing the dot is just one part of our instinct to chase/catch/kill.

The Multi Laser requires three AA batteries. It operates for 15 minutes and then shuts off automatically.

The product claims that its wide-base helps prevent tipping. The manufacturer hadn’t tested it with Cooper Murphy. When he wants to play, he goes to the foyer (where the toy is set up) and knocks it over. He knows that when Mom hears it fall over, she’ll turn it on for him.

Mom tried to get decent video or photos of some of us playing. The video, featuring Cooper Murphy, is a bit of a bust, but here it is if you’d like to watch. You can see the dots darting around.



And here are the less than spectacular photos.






Regardless of our human’s ineptitude with taking videos and photos, we have all played with the FroliCat Multi Laser Toy several times each day since receiving it and give it a 32 paws-up rating. Thank you PetSafe for providing Kitties Blue with another fun toy.

We are giving away one PetSafe FrolicCat Multi Laser Toy to a reader. To have the opportunity to win, please leave a comment on this post prior to next Monday, March 13, at 5 p.m. ET. Winner will be selected using and announced the following day.

Disclosure: Kitties Blue received two PetSafe FroliCat Multi Laser Toys free of charge—one to test and review and one to give away to a reader. We were not financially compensated for this post. The opinions are completely those of Kitties Blue and their human based on our experiences.

Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy