Sunday Selfies: Week #134 

Yesterday was a big day at Cat Scouts. It was a celebration for the patrols, most of which are having their third anniversary. But for our family and Angel Scout Sammy’s, we had even more to celebrate. Yesterday Teddy Kimmell and Cooper Murphy Blue officially became Cat Scouts. In honor of that Cooper wanted to show himself in his uniform. And he invited Teddy to join him.

So…drumroll, please…may I present the newest Tenderpaw Cat Scouts, Cooper Murphy and Teddy.


Cat Scout Cooper Murphy BlueCat Scout Teddy Kimmell



Are these two little ginger peas in a pod, or what? I just hope Sammy and I can keep them from getting up to too much mischief.

They will be Worldwide Wildcats with Sammy and I, but they will be in different Patrols (Teddy with Sammy in Raz’s Rumblers and Cooper Murphy with me in Wolverines). With any luck we can keep the shenanigans at bay.

We know this isn’t a true two-fur selfie as the boys are in separate photographs, but we hope you’ll accept this bit of poetic license.

Now on to the hop. As it says above, this is week #134 of our Sunday Selfies blog hop. Plant a smile on your mug and give us your best. You never know who you might meet…possibly the love of your life. I know a little bit about that. And don’t forget, all critters are welcome, including introoders! If you’re feeling lazy or grumpy, often the best way to get the job done is to coerce an intruder, that may be hanging around right outside your window, to take a selfie.

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Caio and meow, Cat Scout Mau