Misty May enjoys making a nest in a bag of Christmas wrappings.

Misty May has just come in the house. She is wet and smells of wood smoke to which I am allergic. She is incessantly head-butting me and rubbing her entire body and tail on my face as she walks across the keyboard. I have fur stuck to my face, up my nose and in my mouth. A merchandise return form that was sitting next to the computer is covered with muddy paw prints. Could this display of affection and pestiness be my Christmas gift from her this year? Since she never leaves those little puke presents, my guess is YES.

"I need attention now, Mom."

“I’m not budging until I get the attention I deserve.”



She is particularly good at helping me wrap presents. She only loves a few things better than being settled in atop a pile of gifts, in a bag of bows or burrowed into the wrapping and tissue paper in the cabinet where these items are stored. She’s not too shabby at shredding, clawing and chewing boxes and bows either. I did, however, manage to keep her away from all these pursuits this year as the weather has been decent enough most days for her to be outside and I have hidden myself away in the guest room. I hope she’s not suffering too badly from withdrawal symptoms.

However, her favorite pastime, Christmas or anytime of the year for that matter, is lying asleep on her back.

Misty May has just in for a long winter's nap.

Misty May has just settled in for a long winter’s nap.